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Search Clinic: Chemicals & Drugs in PubMed®
August 23, 2007 (2pm EDT)

Learn how to find articles about a chemical or drug of interest. This hour-long online clinic covered how the NLM MeSH® vocabulary is used to describe substance concepts and how to search PubMed for relevant articles. The clinic was designed for librarians and other information specialists with little to moderate experience in searching for articles about chemicals or drugs in PubMed. Participants were expected to have a basic understanding of how to search PubMed.

We hope you find the Search Clinic: Chemicals and Drugs in PubMed useful and enjoyable.

View the clinic recording (Adobe Flash™, captions start at 10:30)

Read the transcript

View the slides (.ppt)
Note that this was a live demonstration, and there are only a few slides.

Questions and Answers
Answers to questions posed during the clinic.

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