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Webcast: 2009 PubMed® Redesign

Four 30 minute online demonstration and question and answer sessions were presented by the NLM® Tuesday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 7th. The presentation covered changes to PubMed as a result of the redesign as discussed in the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.

View the demonstration (May take time to load. Adobe Flash® Player required.)

Questions & Answers

Listed below are questions posed during the PubMed Redesign Webcast with our answers.  Links to the NLM Technical Bulletin article that provided the relevant information are provided.  For complete information see the articles, PubMed Redesign, PubMed Now Using the Redesigned Interface, and LinkOut in the PubMed Redesign.

Where is...?

1.  What happened to Send to Printer?

Use your browser's print feature and the resulting page should print cleanly formatted.  LinkOut icons were missing from the preview, but are included on the printed page in the redesign.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin articles, PubMed Redesign and PubMed Now Using the Redesigned Interface.

2.  What happened to Details?

The Details feature is accessible from the Advanced Search page in two places: Above the search box, and on the menu you see when you click on a search number in the Search History section.   Search details are also currently available on the results screen in the right column.  In the future, you will be able to turn this feature on and off using My NCBI.  More information will be forthcoming in the NLM Technical Bulletin.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin articles, PubMed Redesign and PubMed Now Using the Redesigned Interface.

3.  Where is my search History?

The Search History is on the Advanced Search page.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.

4.  Where is the Clipboard?

A link to the clipboard will appear in the upper right column only after you have sent items to the Clipboard.    See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.

5.  Where are the date limits?

You can add dates or date ranges to your search by using the Search by Author, Journal, Publication Date and more feature on the Advanced Search page, or by entering the date or date range into the search box.  To activate a date search filter that can be retained between searches, go to Manage Filters from your results screen and click on Browse Filters > Properties > Publication Date or create your own using Custom Filters.  For more information, see My NCBI Help.

Display Settings

6.  How do I get a text version of the abstract without including MeSH terms, substances, etc.?

The Abstract (text) format in the redesigned PubMed does not include this supplemental information.  This is a change from the preview version.   (If you would like to print the citations including the supplemental information, print from your browser without changing to the text format.)  See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Now Using the Redesigned Interface.

7.  Can you continue to use the "old" PubMed display formats (e.g., AbstractPlus, Citation)?

No.  These formats have been replaced by the new Abstract format.  If you prefer to view the supplemental information (Publication Types, MeSH, Substances, Grant Information) without having to expand the section for each record, use the option in your My NCBI preferences to have the section open by default when signed into My NCBI.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.

8.  Is there any way to go to a particular page, without paging through my results one by one?

No.  There are links to the first, last, previous and next page.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.

9.  How do I display only the selected citations?

After making your selections using the checkbox to the left of each citation, click on Display Settings at the top of the page and choose your display.  Click Apply, and only those selected citations will display in your requested format.

Full Text and LinkOut

10.  What changes have been made to LinkOut?

Please read the Technical Bulletin article, LinkOut in the PubMed Redesign.

11.  How will this change Loansome Doc?

There are no changes to the order process with Loansome Doc.  Once you've selected the items you wish to order, select Send to... and choose Order.

12.  Does the default filter for free full text include items subscribed to by my library?

No.  The default free full text filter includes items that are freely available from the publisher's Web site or from PubMed Central.  Libraries and users can create a customized filter that includes their library's subscriptions and free full text.  See Share Your PubMed® Collection and Customize Filters with My NCBI.


13.   Does the redesign include changes to how PubMed processes a search?

No.  The redesign includes no changes to the Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) process.  To learn about how PubMed processes a search, see the PubMed Tutorial.  See the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Redesign.


14.  Do we need to reconstruct links to PubMed?

No.  All links to PubMed, including those with search and display parameters, will continue to work in the redesign, however, this is a good time to make sure your links are using the recommended format.  For more information, see the NCBI Help Manual section on Creating a Web Link to the Entrez Databases.

15.  Are the interfaces for the other Entrez databases changing as well?

Yes, at some future date. 

 If you do not see an answer to your question, please write to us at

Contact NLM regarding the new PubMed features and the Webcast are welcome.

Note that PubMed Help and the Searching PubMed Quick Tours have been updated with the redesign.

For more training opportunities, see the National Training Center and Clearinghouse Web site and the NLM Distance Education page. Watch for announcements of new training resources in the NLM Technical Bulletin.