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Quiz: Searching Drugs or Chemicals in PubMed

Test your knowledge about searching for drugs or chemicals in PubMed.

1. You want to find articles about a drug called Norvasc. What is the simplest, effective way to search PubMed?

2. Which of the following can you use to find substances in the MeSH Database? (Select all that apply)

3. All substances described in the MeSH vocabulary have a position in the MeSH hierarchy.

4. You're looking for literature about aspirin being used as a platelet aggregation inhibitor. Which of the below is your best search?

5. You're looking for literature about any uricosuric agent used to treat gout. Which of the below is your best search?

6. Which of the following characters must be replaced by a hyphen (-) when searching systematic names in PubMed? (Select all that apply)

7. You're searching PubMed for linolenate. You notice (because you know to check your Search details) that PubMed is searching alpha-linolenic acid. Why?

8. What will happen if you tag a MeSH heading (e.g., linoleic acids) with [nm]?

9. You're searching for literature on suicide by intentional overdose of antidepressants. Which of the below is the best search?


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