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Watch Your Salt

You search potassium chlorate and PubMed searches chloric acid. What's happening?

In the MeSH vocabulary, separate headings are not usually added for sodium (Na), potassium (K), hydrochloride (HCl) and sulfate (SO4) salts. These inorganic salts are entry terms for acids. If you're searching PubMed for an inorganic salt, you will usually see that your search term was mapped to the acid. Your search will work well, because any relevant citations will be indexed with that acid.

Example of an inorganic salt: zinc gluconate

Search maps to: gluconic acid [Supplementary Concept]

structure of zinc gluconate

Organic salts (or esters) are given a separate heading in MeSH.

Example of an organic salt: cholesterol acetate

Search maps to: cholesterol acetate [Supplementary Concept]

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Last Reviewed: July 25, 2018