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Warning: Subheadings May Cause Dizziness

Here are three subheadings that are useful in drug searching, but often confused:

woman with heartburn Adverse effects (/ae): Side effects or complications of a substance used in an accepted dosage when intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, prophylactic, or anesthetic purposes.

Example: Acetaminophen/adverse effects

a small mouse Toxicity (/to):  Experimental studies that explicitly determine the ill effects of the substance.

Example: Water Pollutants, Chemical/toxicity

poison hotline Poisoning (/po):  Life-threatening intoxication, which can be accidental, occupational, suicidal, by medication error, or by environmental exposure.

Example: cyanides/poisoning

Note that the subheading adverse effects automatically explodes to include toxicity and poisoning (see the subheading hierarchies).

See PubMed Help for a complete list of subheadings. See also the subheading scope notes. Many more subheadings than those listed above are applicable to substance terms.


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