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Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio: The ratio of alveolar ventilation to simultaneous alveolar capillary blood flow in any part of the lung. (Stedman, 25th ed) MeSH heading and definition: The definition describes how the term is used for indexing.
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drug effects - immunology - instrumentation - methods - physiology - radiation effects - veterinary

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Entry Terms:

  • Ratio, Ventilation-Perfusion
  • Ratios, Ventilation-Perfusion
  • Ventilation Perfusion Ratio
  • Ventilation-Perfusion Ratios
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Previous Indexing: Respiratory Function Tests (1966-1967) Previous Indexing: Helpful for searching this concept prior to use of current heading.
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Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment Category
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Diagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System
Respiratory Function Tests
Pulmonary Gas Exchange
Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio
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Circulatory and Respiratory Physiology
Respiratory Physiology
Respiratory Physiologic Phenomena
Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio
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