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Moving Around

The course has eight modules, which are listed in the sidebar to the left of this screen. When a module is selected, the sections within that module will be shown beneath each module title.

  • The section you are reading will be highlighted with a dark background and larger text. [Show Me]
  • Access a module by clicking the appropriate name in the sidebar. [Show Me]
  • To select a different section within a module, click the section name. [Show Me]
  • You can click Back and Next, located below the text, to move backwards and forwards between screens, or jump to a specific page within a section using the page numbers. [Show Me]
  • Use the upper right menu to access the Index, the Glossary of terms, the FAQ, the MEDLINE/PubMed Resources Guide, and to return to PubMed. [Show Me]
  • If you have questions, comments or suggestions, use the Contact NLM link in the NLM main header. [Show Me]

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