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MeSH Database (continued)

Go to the MeSH Database from the PubMed home page or the database selection menu above the search box. [Show Me]

To search for a term in the MeSH Database, enter the term in the search box and click Search. [Show Me]

  • The Summary display may include a definition of the concept after the MeSH heading. [Show Me]

  • The Full display includes more information about the MeSH term including: [Show Me]

    • the year the term was introduced
    • subheadings selections [Show Me]
      • The subheading list includes those paired at least once with the heading in MEDLINE and may not reflect current rules for allowable combinations.
      • Click on the Subheadings link to see a list of subheading definitions.
    • a checkbox to restrict the term to the MeSH Major Topic and a checkbox to not include MeSH terms found below this term in the MeSH hierarchy (i.e., turn off MeSH explosions). [Show Me]
    • Entry Terms (synonyms) are provided.[Show Me]
    • The MeSH tree structure with the browsed term in bold typeface.[Show Me]
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