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MeSH Database (continued)

Go to the Full display for a MeSH term by clicking on the term.

The Full display includes more information about the MeSH term including:

  • the year the term was introduced
  • subheadings selections
    • The subheading list includes those paired at least once with the heading in MEDLINE and may not reflect current rules for allowable combinations.
    • Click on the Subheadings link to see a list of subheading definitions.
  • a checkbox to restrict the term to the MeSH Major Topic and a checkbox to not include MeSH terms found below this term in the MeSH hierarchy (i.e., turn off MeSH explosions).
  • Entry Terms (synonyms) are provided.
  • The MeSH tree structure with the browsed term in bold typeface.

Please enable JavaScript to view the video on this page.
The video illustrates the directions that are on this page.

This video can be seen directly at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/disted/pubmedtutorial/videos/020_505.mp4

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Last Reviewed: August 24, 2018