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NLM Catalog Journal Search (continued)

Search the NLM Catalog for Annals of Internal Medicine:

  • Click Journals in NCBI Databases from the PubMed homepage. [Show Me]

  • Enter the journal name and select the title from the autocomplete feature. Click Search. [Show Me]

  • The Summary (default) display in the NLM Catalog includes: [Show Me]
    • the journal title
    • the NLM title abbreviation
    • the print and electronic International Standard Serial Numbers (pISSN and eISSN)
    • the place of publication and name of the publisher
    • the MEDLINE indexing status [Show Me]
    • the NLM ID (the NLM's unique journal identifier).

  • More information about the journal is available on the Full display. To access the Full display, click on the journal title link.[Show Me]

  • To retrieve items in PubMed, use the PubMed link in the full display [Show Me] or click on Single Citation Matcher to add search criteria such as issue, volume, date or article title words. [Show Me]

    Learn more about the Single Citation Matcher later in the tutorial.
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