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MeSH Headings [mh]

thromboembolism [mh]

The MeSH Database and Advanced Search (Builder section) can also be used to select MeSH headings for your search. Alternatively, you may use MeSH search field qualifiers:

  • [mh] to search a MeSH heading (e.g., thromboembolism[mh]).

  • [majr] to search a MeSH heading which is a major topic of an article (e.g., thromboembolism[majr]).

PubMed automatically searches the MeSH heading as well as the more specific terms beneath that heading in the MeSH hierarchy; i.e., the term is exploded.

  • Use [mh:noexp] to search a MeSH heading and turn off the automatic EXPLODE (e.g., thromboembolism[mh:noexp]).

  • [majr:noexp] to search a MeSH heading as a major topic and turn off the automatic EXPLODE (e.g., thromboembolism[majr:noexp]).

  • Searching with MeSH tags will exclude In Process and publisher-supplied citations as they are not indexed with MeSH.

  • PubMed will not supplement your search with searches of other fields (title, abstract, etc.) if searching with MeSH tags.

To see how PubMed translates a search term with the [mh] field tag, go to Details.

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