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Display Formats: Summary Format

Multiple PubMed citations are displayed by default in the Summary format, which consists of the following:

  • Title of the article:
    Note: Foreign language titles are translated into English and placed within brackets.

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The video illustrates the directions that are on this page.

This video can be seen directly at //www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/disted/pubmedtutorial/videos/pm_tutorial_030_040.mp4

  • Author name(s): All authors from the MEDLINE record are displayed.

  • Corporate Author: Identifies the corporate authorship of an article. Corporate names display exactly as they appear in the journal. Note: Citations indexed pre-2000 and some citations indexed in 2000-2001 retain corporate authors at the end of the title field.

  • Source: Provides the journal title abbreviations, date of publication, volume, issue, and page numbers of the article.
    A mouseover of the journal title abbreviation displays the full journal title.
  • Additional notations: Original language (if other than English); Publication Type (if the article is a review or retracted publication); and the notation "No abstract available" (if PubMed does not carry an abstract for the item). Included as appropriate.

  • Identification number: A PubMed Unique Identifier (PMID) is included on each record.

  • Similar Articles: Follow this link to display articles that are similar to the citation.

  • Free PMC Article: The availability of free full text from PubMed Central is indicated.
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Last Reviewed: August 28, 2018