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Augmenting Catalog Data with MeSH URIs: NLM Linked Data Project

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Sharon Willis, Senior Cataloging Specialist at the National Library of Medicine presents Augmenting Catalog Data with MeSH URIs: which is an NLM Linked Data Preparation Project.

NLM is preparing to augment parts of our catalog data with actionable URIs to be ready for a linked data environment. We are dreaming of a future that does not rely on MARC data and allows us to freely share bibliographic information on the web and we are daring to take the next step of getting the linked data into our bibliographic records. Many other libraries are interested in doing similar project but don’t always know how to begin, so this presentation could serve as an inspiration and primer on how to start a linked data project.

This presentation was created for the Medical Library Association (MLA) Annual Meeting in 2017. For more information, see