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Category A - Anatomy


/anatomy & histology - Used with organs, regions, and tissues for normal descriptive anatomy and histology.

Morphologic study of the liver.
LIVER/ *anat

/cytology - Used for normal cellular morphology of cells, tissues, or organs.

Structure of hepatocytes.

/pathology - Used for organ, tissue, or cell structure in disease.

Morphology of the liver in liver cirrhosis.
LIVER / * pathol

/pathology is one of the most misused and overused subheadings. It should be used ONLY if the article discusses anatomical, histological changes in the DISEASE, NOT as a substitute for "disease"

/ultrastructure Used with tissues and cells (including neoplasms) and microorganisms for microanatomic structures, generally below the size visible by light microscopy.
Unlike the subheadings /anatomy & histology and /cytology, which are reserved for normal structure and /pathology which is reserved for abnormal structure, /ultrastructure is used for BOTH normal and pathological subcellular structure. When /ultrastructure is indexing for pathological ultrastructure, it is not nesecary to add /pathology as a second subheading.

Fine structure of liver endoplasmic reticulum
LIVER / * ultrastruct

/abnormalities Used with organs for congenital defects producing changes in the morphology of the organ.

Liver atresia
LIVER / * abnorm

/blood supply Used for arterial, capillary, and venous systems of an organ or region whenever the specific heading for the vessel does not exist. It includes blood flow through the organ.

Capillaries in the liver
LIVER / * blood supply

/innervation Used with organs, regions, or tissues for their nerve supply.

Nerve endings in the liver
LIVER / * innerv

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