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MEDLINE Indexing Online Training Course

Category D - Chemicals and Drugs

Supplementary Concept Records (SCR)

Even after searching the MeSH Browser, which contains MeSH descriptors and virtually tens of thousands of SCR records, the indexer will still encounter chemicals for which there are no records. In this situation, the indexer is required to fill out an electronic Chemical flag within IMS.

the chemical flag screen

On the Indexing Screen:

  1. index the pharmacological action term if appropriate

On the electronic flag:

  1. write in the name of the compound.
  2. select appropriate subheading(s), designating which is IM
  3. put any additional useful information about the chemical in the Comment field

Indexers should not attempt to index complex chemicals using general chemical group terms. If the chemical cannot be found, it should be flagged.

N-(1,3-Diphenyl-1H- pyrazol-5-yl)benzamides should NOT be indexed by an indexer with MeSH term BENZAMIDES alone. It should be flagged, and the chemist will determine the best indexing.

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