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Category F - Psychiatry and Psychology


Terms in category F tend to be IM. A limited number of subheadings are permitted with the MeSH terms in Categories F1, F2.

Categories F1 and F2
/classification /physiology
/drug effects /radiation effects


Categories F3
/blood /ethnology /physiopathology
/cerebrospinal fluid /etiology /prevention & control
/classification /genetics /psychology
/chemically induced /history /radiography
/classification /immunology /radionuclide imaging
/complications /metabolism /rehabilitation
/diagnosis /microbiology /surgery
/diet therapy /mortality /ultrasonography
/drug therapy /nursing /therapy
/economics /parasitology /urine
/enzymology /pathology /virology


Categories F4
/classification /legislation & jurisprudence
/ethics* /manpower
/economics /statistics & numerical data
/education /methods
/history /trends
/instrumentation /standards
/organization & administration


* although subheading /ethics is allowed with some category F MeSH terms, use it with caution.

Not every subheading above is allowed for every term in Category F. Check the Allowable qualifiers information in the terms MeSH entry.

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