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Category J - Technology and Food and Beverages

Indexing Principles

Category J contains the MeSH terms for technology, industry, agriculture, food and beverages. The terms are divided into two subcategories.

Category J1 concepts in the areas of:

  • agriculture
  • industry
  • industrial processes
  • industrial products and services
  • commercial processes
  • technology

Category J2 contains the MeSH terms for Food and Beverages.

The terms in Category J are generally self-explanatory and are usually IM. These terms cover a wide range of subjects, and many can be found in other categories as well. For example, PROTECTIVE DEVICES is in both Category J1 and Category E7 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES; MeSH terms in Category J2 FOOD AND BEVERAGES are also in Category G7.203 DIET, FOOD, AND NUTRITION.


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