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Category K - Humanities

History Terms

  • History [K01.400]
    • History, Ancient [K01.400.470]
    • History, Early Modern 1451-1600 [K01.400.475]
      • History, 15th Century [K01.400.475.500]
      • History, 16th Century [K01.400.475.750]
    • History, Medieval [K01.400.500]
    • History, Modern 1601- [K01.400.504]
      • History, 17th Century [K01.400.504.750]
      • History, 18th Century [K01.400.504.875]
        • American Revolution [K01.400.504.875.100]
        • French Revolution [K01.400.504.875.374]
      • History, 19th Century [K01.400.504.937]
        • American Civil War [K01.400.504.937.100]
        • Crimean War [K01.400.504.937.500]
        • Spanish-American War, 1898 [K01.400.504.937.750]
      • History, 20th Century [K01.400.504.968]
        • Bhopal Accidental Release [K01.400.504.968.074]
        • Chernobyl Nuclear Accident [K01.400.504.968.150]
        • Gulf War [K01.400.504.968.400]
        • Influenza Pandemic [K01.400.504.968.450]
        • Korean War [K01.400.504.968.500]
        • Russian-Japanese War [K01.400.504.968.650]
        • Seveso Accidental Release [K01.400.504.968.700]
        • Sverdlovsk Accidental Release [K01.400.504.968.750]
        • Vietnam Conflict [K01.400.504.968.850]
        • World War I [K01.400.504.968.900]
        • World War II [K01.400.504.968.901]
      • History, 21st Century [K01.400.504.984]
        • Afghan Campaign 2001- [K01.400.504.984.124]
        • Fukishima Nuclear Accident [K01.400.504.984.186]
        • Iraq War, 2003-2011 [K01.400.504.984.249]
        • September 11 Terrorist Attacks [K01.400.504.984.500]

These terms can be used either as IM concepts or as Check Tags (NIM concepts without subheadings). Like the main heading HISTORY, these specific time periods are indexed as the IM MeSH heading only for general articles on history of that particular time period. Most frequently, the historical time period will be used as the check tag.

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Last Reviewed: December 5, 2017