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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Dietary Supplements Filter

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Strategy last modified March 2020.

(Dietary Supplements[mh] OR
dietary supplements[tw] OR
dietary supplement[tw] OR
dietary supplementations[tw])
(Amino Acids[mh] OR
Antioxidants[mh] OR
anti-oxidant[tw] OR
anti-oxidants[tw] OR
antioxidant[tw] OR
antioxidants[tw] OR
Ascorbic Acid[mh] OR
Vitamin C[tw] OR
ascorbic acid[tw] OR
acid, ascorbic[tw] OR
l-ascorbic acid[tw] OR
acid, l-ascorbic[tw] OR
l ascorbic acid[tw] OR
beta Carotene[mh] OR
beta-carotene[tw] OR
Biotin[mh] OR
Vitamin B7[tw] OR
Vitamin H[tw] OR
boron[mh] OR
Cholecalciferol[mh] OR
Vitamin D3[tw] OR
Vitamin D 3[tw] OR
Choline[mh] OR
Chromium[mh] OR
Coenzyme Q10[Supplementary Concept] OR
Ubiquinol-10[Supplementary Concept] OR
ubiquinol[tw] OR
coenzyme q10[ti] OR
coenzyme q[ti] OR
coq10[ti] OR
Copper[mh] OR
Dehydroepiandrosterone/therapeutic use[mh] OR
Dietary Fats[tw] OR
unsaturated fatty acids[tw] OR
Dietary Proteins[mh] OR
proteins, dietary[tw] OR
dietary protein[tw] OR
protein, dietary[tw] OR
Ergocalciferols[mh] OR
Vitamin D[mh] OR
Vitamin D[tw] OR
ergocalciferols[tw] OR
Vitamin D2[tw] OR
Vitamin D 2[tw] OR
Fatty Acids[mh] OR
Fatty Acids, Omega-3[mh] OR
omega-3[tw] OR fish oil[tw] OR
(n3[tw] OR
n-3[tw] AND
(oil[tw] OR
oils[tw] OR
puFa[tw] OR
fatty acid[tw] OR
fatty acids[tw]) OR
Folic Acid[mh] OR
Vitamin B9[tw] OR
Vitamin M[tw] OR
food supplementations[tw] OR
food supplements[tw] OR
food supplement[tw] OR
Glucosamine[mh] OR
Iodine[mh] OR
iodine[tw] OR
Iron, Dietary[mh] OR
dietary iron[tw] OR
Iron[mh] OR
Iron[tw] OR
Lactobacillus Acidophilus[mh] OR
l-arginine[tw] OR
Lecithins[mh] OR
lecithin[tw] OR
lecithins[tw] OR
Lutein[tw] OR
Magnesium[tw] OR
Manganese[tw] OR
Melatonin[tw] OR
melatonin/therapeutic use[mh] OR
Melatonin/pharmacology[mh] OR
Micronutrients[mh] OR
micronutrient[tw] OR
Minerals[mh] OR
minerals[tw] OR
Molybdenum[mh] OR
Molybdenum[tw] OR
Multivitamin[tw] OR
multivitamins[tw] OR
Multivitamin/mineral supplements[tw] OR
Niacin[mh] OR
Niacin[tw] OR
Niacinamide[mh] OR
Vitamin B 3[tw] OR
Vitamin B3[tw] OR
Vitamin B 3[tw] OR
Nicotinamide[tw] OR
Nickel[mh] OR
nickel[tw] OR
nutraceuticals[tw] OR
nutraceutical[tw] OR
nutriceuticals[tw] OR
nutriceutical[tw] OR
Orthomolecular Therapy[mh] OR
Pantothenic Acid[mh] OR
Vitamin B 5[tw] OR
Vitamin B5[tw] OR
B 5, Vitamin[tw] OR
B5, Vitamin[tw] OR
Phosphorus, Dietary[mh] OR
dietary phosphorus[tw] OR
phosphorus[tw] OR
phosphorous[tw] OR
Potassium, Dietary[mh] OR
potassium[tw] OR
Prebiotics[mh] OR
prebiotics[ti] OR
prebiotic[ti] OR
Probiotics[mh] OR
probiotics[ti] OR
probiotic[ti] OR
Provitamins[mh] OR
provitamins[tw] OR
provitamin[tw] OR
pyridoxine[tw] OR
Riboflavin[mh] OR
riboflavin[tw] OR
Vitamin B2[tw] OR
Vitamin B 2[tw] OR
Vitamin G[tw] OR
S-Adenosylmethionine[mh] OR
sam-e[tw] OR
selenium[tw] OR
Sodium, Dietary[mh] OR
dietary sodium[tw] OR
sodium[mh] OR
sulfur[tw] OR
sulphur[tw] OR
Tocotrienols[mh] OR
Vitamin E[mh] OR
Vitamin E[tw] OR
tocopherol[tw] OR
Tocopherols[mh] OR
tocopherols[tw] OR
Trace Elements[mh] OR
trace element[tw] OR
trace mineral[tw] OR
Vitamins[mh] OR
vitamins[tw] OR
vitamin[tw] OR
Vitamin A[mh] OR
Vitamin A/analogs and derivatives[mh] OR
Vitamin A[tw] OR
Provitamin A[tw] OR
Vitamin B Complex[mh] OR
Vitamin B1[tw] OR
Thiamine[mh] OR
thiamine[tw] OR
thiamin[tw] OR
aneurin[tw] OR
thiamine mononitrate[tw] OR
Vitamin B 6[mh] OR
Vitamin B 6[tw] OR
Vitamin B6[tw] OR
pyridoxine[tw] OR
Vitamin B 12[mh] OR
Vitamin B 12[tw] OR
Vitamin B12[tw] OR
cyanocobalamin[tw] OR
Vitamin K[mh] OR
Vitamin K[tw] OR
Zinc[mh] OR
zinc[tw]) AND

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Last Reviewed: March 27, 2020