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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed History of Medicine Filter

This query is not updated.
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This strategy was created by the NLM History of Medicine Division to facilitate searching for subjects in the history of medicine. This subset can also be used in a search as history [sb].

     Example: anthrax AND history [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2012.

historical article [pt] 
OR biography [pt] 
OR jsubsetq 
OR jsubsetqis 
OR history [mh] 
OR history [sh] 
OR (jsubsetom AND history [all fields]) 
OR (history [ti] 
OR historical [ti] 
OR histories [ti] 
OR history's [ti] 
OR historian [ti] 
OR historians [ti] 
OR historian's [ti] 
OR historians' [ti] 
OR historic [ti] 
OR historical [ti] 
OR historically [ti]) 
(case history [ti] 
OR case histories [ti] 
OR patient history [ti] 
OR patient histories [ti] 
OR family history [ti] 
OR family histories [ti] 
OR case reports [ti] 
OR case report [ti] 
OR case studies [ti] 
OR case study [ti])

Last Reviewed: February 20, 2019