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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Space Life Sciences Filter

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This strategy was developed by NLM and the former NASA SPACELINE Office and is intended to retrieve citations of interest to those working in the field of space life sciences research.

Strategy last modified February 2016.

((spaceflight [mh] OR spaceflight [tw] OR spaceflights [tw]) OR
(space exploration [mh] OR space exploration [tw]) OR
(space medicine [mh] OR space medicine [tw]) OR
(aviation medicine [mh] OR aviation medicine [tw]) OR
(biosatellite [mh] OR biosatellite [tw]) OR
(biosatellites [mh] OR biosatellites [tw]) OR 
(gravity [mh]) OR 
(gravity [tw] NOT "specific gravity") OR 
(gravistimulation [mh] OR gravistimulation [tw]) OR 
(g force [mh] OR g force [tw]) OR 
(microgravity [mh] OR microgravity [tw]) OR 
(zero gravity [mh] OR zero gravity [tw]) OR 
(low gravity [mh] OR low gravity [tw]) OR 
(reduced gravity [mh] OR reduced gravity [tw]) OR 
(gravisensing [mh] OR gravisensing [tw]) OR 
(graviresponse [tw]) OR 
(graviperception [tw]) OR 
(geotactic [tw]) OR 
(geotropism [mh] OR geotropism [tw]) OR 
(geotaxis [tw]) OR 
(increased gravity [mh] OR increased gravity [tw]) OR 
(high gravity [mh] OR high gravity [tw]) OR 
(hindlimb immobilization [tw]) OR 
(hind limb immobilization [tw]) OR 
(tail suspension [mh] OR tail suspension [tw]) OR 
(microgravity simulation [mh] OR microgravity simulation [tw]) OR 
(weightlessness models) OR 
(orbital simulation [mh]) OR 
(cosmonauts [tw] OR cosmonaut [tw]) OR 
(space walk [tw] OR  spacewalks [tw]) OR 
(hze particles [mh] OR hze particles [tw]) OR 
(solar activity [mh] OR solar activity [tw]) OR 
(solar flare [mh] OR solar flare [tw]) OR 
(solar flares [mh] OR solar flares [tw]) OR 
(solar particle event [mh] OR solar particle event [tw]) OR 
(solar particle events [mh] OR solar particle events [tw]) OR 
(gravity suit [mh] OR gravity suit [tw]) OR 
(gravity suits [mh] OR gravity suits [tw]) OR 
(antigravity suits [tw]) OR 
(antigravity suit [tw]) OR 
(celss [mh] OR celss [tw]) OR 
(sealed cabin ecology [mh] OR sealed cabin ecology [tw]) OR 
(breadboard project [mh] OR breadboard project [tw]) OR 
(closed ecological systems [mh] OR closed ecological systems [tw]) OR 
(bioregenerative systems [tw]) OR 
(lower body negative pressure [mh] OR lower body negative pressure [tw]) OR 
(space motion sickness [mh] OR space motion sickness [tw]) OR 
(space sickness [tw]) OR 
(coriolis acceleration [mh] OR coriolis acceleration [tw]) OR 
(coriolis effect [mh] OR coriolis effect [tw]) OR 
(mars [mh] OR martian [tw]) OR 
(moon [mh] OR moon [tw]) OR 
(lunar [tw] AND dust [tw]) OR 
(lunar [tw] AND (mission [tw] OR missions [tw])))  OR 
(albrecht-buehler g OR  amidon gl OR  angelaki de OR  antipov vv OR  arnaud sb OR  
badhwar gd OR  baisch f OR  balcer-kubiczek ek OR  baldwin km OR  benton ev OR  
berthoz a OR  bikle d OR  black fo OR  blakely ea OR  blomqvist cg OR  bloomberg jj OR  
bonde-petersen f OR  booth fw OR  braam j OR  briegleb w OR  bucker h OR  buckey j OR  
bugbee b OR  bungo mw OR  butler bd OR  cann ce OR  charles jb OR  cintron n OR  
cogoli a OR  cogoli-greuter m OR  convertino v OR  cowings p OR  cucinotta f OR  
curtis sb OR  czeisler ca OR  danilchik mv OR  daunton n OR  dickman jd OR  dose k OR  
doty sb OR  dudley ga OR  duke pj OR  eckberg dl OR  edgerton vr OR  farhi le OR  
fitts rh OR  fortney s OR  fox ge OR  frangos ja OR  fuller ca OR  gaffney fa OR  
ghadiri mr OR  gharib c OR  goldberger al OR  greenisen m OR  greenleaf je OR  
grindeland r OR  guell a OR  guikema ja OR  hangarter r OR  hargens a OR  
hasenstein kh OR  helmreich r OR  helmstetter c OR  herskovits eh OR  
hinghofer-szalkay h OR  hlastala mp OR  hoban-higgins t OR  homick j OR  horneck g OR  
horrigan dj OR  horwitz ba OR  hughes-fulford m OR  huntoon c OR  ingber d OR  
janes hw OR  jee ws OR  kaufman pb OR  keil lc OR  kirsch ka OR  knapp cf OR  
koch kl OR  kozlovskaya i OR  krikorian ad OR  kronenberg a OR  lackner jr OR  
lambertsen c OR  landis w OR  lane hw OR  lange rd OR  layne cs OR  leach cs OR  
leblanc ad OR  lett j OR  lewis ng OR  lintilhac pm OR  loeppky j OR  lomax t OR  
lysakowski a OR  macelroy r OR  mancinelli rl OR  markham ch OR  mcdonald pv OR  
mcfeters g OR  mckay cp OR  mckay ds OR  mcnulty pj OR  meehan rt OR  merfeld d OR  
mergenhagen d OR  money k OR  moore-ede m OR  morey er OR  morey-holton e OR  
muday g OR  murakami dm OR  musgrave me OR  nealson kh OR  nevzgodina l OR  
nicogossian a OR  oman c OR  paloski wh OR  parin v OR  pawelczyk ja OR  perachio a OR  
peshock r OR  peterka r OR  pickard bg OR  pierson dl OR  pilmanis a OR  poovaiah bw OR  
prisk g OR  purdy re OR  raulin f OR  raven pb OR  reschke mf OR  ronca ae OR  
ross md OR  rothschild lj OR  roux sj OR  rowe dw OR  rumbaugh d OR  runnegar b OR  
sack fd OR  salisbury f OR  sams cf OR  sauer rl OR  schimmerling w OR  schneider vs OR  
schor rh OR  schwartz aw OR  sinclair wk OR  sonnenfeld g OR  souza ka OR  
spangenberg db OR  sulzman f OR  tairbekov m OR  tibbitts tw OR  tipton cm OR  
tischler me OR  tixador r OR  tobias tc OR  tomko dl OR  "tomko d" [au] OR  
townsend lw OR  vailas a OR  vandenburgh h OR  vann rd OR  vatner sf OR  vinnikov ia OR  
waldren ca OR  waligora jm OR  wall c 3rd OR  west jb OR  whalen rt OR  wheeler rm OR  
whitson p OR  wiederhold ml OR  wiener el OR  winget cm OR  wolgemuth d OR  worgul bv OR  
young lr)  OR  
(jsubsets  OR (aviakosm ekolog med [ta] OR  int j radiat biol [ta] OR  radiat res [ta] OR  
kosm biol aviakosm med [ta] OR  aviat space environ med [ta] OR  adv space biol med [ta] OR  
orig life evol biosph [ta] OR  space life sci [ta] OR  undersea biomed res [ta] OR  
riv med aeronaut spaz [ta] OR  undersea hyperb med [ta] OR  extremophiles [ta] OR  
j vestib res [ta] OR  hum factors [ta] OR  ergonomics [ta] OR  med sci sports exerc [ta] OR  
appl human sci [ta] OR  high alt med biol [ta] OR  journal of human ergology [ta] OR 
acta astronaut [ta] OR adv space res [ta] OR biol sci space [ta] OR microgravity sci technol [ta] OR 
j musculoskelet neuronal interact [ta] OR astrobiology [ta] OR j gravit physiol [ta] OR 
space med med eng beijing [ta]))  OR  
(space flight [mh] OR space flight [tw] OR space flights [tw] OR extraterrestrial environment [mh] OR 
extraterrestrial environment [tw] OR extraterrestrial [tw] OR aerospace medicine [mh] OR 
aerospace medicine [tw] OR submarine medicine [mh] OR submarine medicine [tw] OR 
space suits [mh] OR space suits [tw] OR space suit [mh] OR space suit [tw] OR 
spacecraft [mh] OR spacecraft [tw] OR skylab [tw] OR interplanetary [tw] OR 
space shuttle [tw] OR space craft [mh] OR space craft [tw] OR aerospace [tw])  OR 
((space [ti] AND biology [ti]) OR  apollo [tw] OR sputnik OR biosputnik OR soyuz OR 
soiuz OR salyut OR saliut OR kosmos OR  aragatz OR "parabolic flight" OR 
"parabolic flights" OR "kc-135" OR "sounding rocket" OR "sounding rockets" OR 
"space station" OR "space stations" OR spacehab) OR  
(gravitation [mh] OR gravitation [tw] OR microgravitation [tw] OR microgravitational [tw] OR 
hypergravity [mh] OR hypergravity [tw] OR hypergravitational [tw] OR hypergravitation [tw] OR 
hypergravities [tw] OR hypogravity [mh] OR hypogravity [tw] OR hypogravitation [tw] OR 
hypogravitational [tw] OR "gravity perception" OR gravitropism [mh] OR gravitropism [tw] OR 
geotropic [tw] OR geotropically [tw] OR gravitactic [tw] OR gravitactically [tw] OR 
gravitary [tw] OR gravitationally [tw] OR gravitational [tw] OR gravitationnelle OR 
gravitationsphysiologie OR gravitaxis [tw] OR gravitic [tw] OR gravito [tw] OR 
gravitoinertial [tw] OR gravitoreceptive [tw] OR gravitotropic [tw] OR 
gravitransduction [tw] OR gravitropes [tw] OR gravitropic [tw] OR 
gravitropically [tw] OR phototropism [mh] OR phototropism [tw] OR phototropic [tw]) OR 
(disuse [tw] OR hindlimb suspension [mh] OR hindlimb suspension [tw] OR hindlimb suspended [tw] OR 
((hindlimb [tw] OR "hindlimb" [mh] OR skeletal) AND (unload OR unloaded OR  unloading OR  unloads))) OR 
(head-down tilt [mh] OR head-down tilt [tw] OR hypokinesia [mh] OR hypokinesia [tw] OR 
weightlessness simulation [mh] OR weightlessness simulation [tw] OR space simulation [mh] OR 
space simulation [tw] OR weightlessness countermeasures [mh] OR weightlessness countermeasures [tw] OR 
astronauts [mh] OR astronauts [tw] OR astronaut [tw] OR nasa [mh] OR nasa [tw] OR 
aeronautics [tw] OR weightless [tw] OR weightlessness [mh] OR weightlessness [tw] OR aquanaut [tw] OR 
aquanauts [tw] OR spaceman [tw] OR spacemen [tw] OR 
(("telemedicine" [mh] OR telemedicine [tw]) AND ("aviation" [mh] OR aviation [tw])) OR 
extravehicular [tw] OR extravehicular activity [mh] OR extravehicular activity [tw] OR 
high-g acceleration [tw] OR 
g-loc [tw] OR linear acceleration [tw] OR linear accelerations [tw])  OR (nasa [ad] OR 
((goddard [ad] OR johnson [ad] OR kennedy [ad] OR marshall [ad] OR stennis [ad] OR 
glenn [ad]) AND space [ad]) OR centre national etudes spatiales OR 
(centre [ad] national [ad] etudes [ad] spatiales [ad]) OR dfvlr OR 
european space agency OR (ames [ad] NOT (iowa [ad] OR ia [ad])) OR 
((langley [ad] AND center [ad]) NOT porter [ad]))   OR  ((exobiology [mh] OR 
exobiology [tw] OR astrobiology [tw]) OR ((environmental microbiology [mh] OR 
environmental microbiology [tw]) AND (geologic sediments [mh] OR geologic sediments [tw]))) OR  
((elementary particle interactions [mh] OR elementary particle interactions [tw]) OR 
linear energy transfer [mh] OR 
linear energy transfer [tw] OR (heavy ions [mh] OR heavy ions [tw] OR 
heavy ion [tw]) OR  ((elementary particles [mh] OR elementary particles [tw]) AND 
(radiation, ionizing [mh] OR radiation, ionizing [tw]) AND space) OR 
(cosmic radiation [mh] OR cosmic radiation [tw]) OR ((particle accelerators [mh] OR 
particle accelerators [tw]) AND (radiation, ionizing [mh] OR radiation, ionizing [tw])) OR 
((radiation protection [mh] OR radiation protection [tw]) AND space))  OR ((decompression sickness [mh] OR 
decompression sickness [tw]) OR  g suits [tw] OR 
(atmosphere exposure chambers [mh] OR atmosphere exposure chambers [tw]) OR 
(ecological systems, closed [mh] OR ecological systems, closed [tw]) OR 
diving/ph OR (((life support systems [mh] OR life support systems [tw]) OR 
controlled environment [mh:noexp]) AND (biological [tw] OR lighting [mh] OR 
lighting [tw] OR light [mh] OR photoperiod [mh] OR photoperiod [tw] OR 
bioregenerative [tw] OR crops [tw] OR (crops, agricultural [mh] OR 
crops, agricultural [tw]) OR (crop production [mh] OR crop production [tw]) OR (water purification [mh] OR water purification [tw]) OR 
(air conditioning [mh] OR air conditioning [tw]) OR habitability OR "bioreactors" [mh] OR 
bioreactors [tw] OR food handling [mh] OR food handling [tw])) OR life support systems/is OR 
(waste management [mh] AND ("bioreactors" [mh] OR bioreactors [tw])) OR zeoponic OR 
(bioreactor AND slow-turning [tw]) OR high aspect rot* [tw] OR rotating-wall [tw]) OR 
((lbnp [mh] OR lbnp [tw]) OR (cardiovascular deconditioning [mh] OR cardiovascular deconditioning [tw]) OR 
orthostatic [tw] OR (syncope [tw] AND tilt [tw]) OR 
tilt-table test [tw] OR head-up tilt [tw] OR 
((baroreceptor OR baroreceptors) AND sensitivity) OR 
((mammals OR mammalian [tw]) AND hibernation) OR 
((fluid shifts [mh] OR fluid shifts [tw]) AND (posture [mh] OR posture [tw])) OR 
((pressoreceptors [mh] OR pressoreceptors [tw]) AND (baroreflex [mh] OR baroreflex [tw]) AND carotid AND 
(cardiac output [mh] OR cardiac output [tw])))   OR (((integrins [mh] OR integrins [tw]) OR 
(cytoskeleton [mh] OR cytoskeleton [tw]) OR (mechanoreceptors [mh] OR mechanoreceptors [tw]) OR 
tensegrity [tw] OR mechanotransduction [tw] OR (extracellular matrix [mh] OR 
extracellular matrix [tw])) AND 
((mechanical stress [mh] OR mechanical stress [tw]) AND 
(signal transduction [mh] OR signal transduction [tw]))) OR 
(mechanosen* [tw] OR mechanotransd* [tw] OR mechanobiol* [tw] OR whole body vibration [tw])  OR  
((plant growth regulators [mh] OR plant growth regulators [tw] OR 
"plant growth regulators" [Pharmacological Action]) AND 
(signal transduction [mh] OR signal transduction [tw]) AND 
(plants [mh] OR plants [tw]))  OR ((motion Sickness [mh] OR motion Sickness [tw]) OR 
(coriolis force [mh] OR coriolis force [tw]) OR 
(space adaptation syndrome [mh] OR space adaptation syndrome [tw]) OR 
((vestibule [mh] OR vestibule [tw]) AND (head movements [mh] OR head movements [tw])) OR 
(vestibular AND (head movements [mh] OR head movements [tw])) OR  reflex, vestibulo-ocular [mh] OR 
((visual perception [mh:noexp] OR motion perception [mh] OR  eye movements [mh]) AND 
(acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw])) OR (motion perception [mh] AND 
(rotation [mh] OR rotation [tw] OR tilt)) OR ((vestibule [mh] OR vestibule [tw]) AND 
(acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw])) OR (vestibular AND (acceleration [mh] OR 
acceleration [tw])) OR (neuronal plasticity [majr] AND ((adaptation, physiological [mh] OR 
adaptation, physiological [tw]) OR (acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw]))) OR 
((orientation [mh] OR proprioception [mh]) AND (acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw])) OR 
(dynamic [tw] postural [tw] control [tw]) OR (tilt vestib*)) OR 
((circadian rhythm [mh] OR circadian rhythm [tw]) AND ((work schedule tolerance [mh] OR 
work schedule tolerance [tw]) OR 
sleep deprivation [mh] OR  melatonin [mh] OR (adaptation, physiological [mh] OR 
adaptation, physiological [tw]) OR (adaptation, psychological [mh] OR 
adaptation, psychological [tw])))   OR  
((((human engineering [mh] OR human engineering [tw]) OR (anthropometry [mh] OR 
anthropometry [tw])) AND (aviation [mh] OR aviation [tw])) OR 
(((social isolation [mh] OR social isolation [tw]) OR 
(adaptation, psychological [mh] OR adaptation, psychological [tw]) OR 
(stress, psychological [mh] OR stress, psychological [tw])) AND 
((arctic regions [mh] OR arctic regions [tw]) OR 
(antarctic regions [mh] OR antarctic regions [tw]))) OR 
((astronaut [tw] OR pilots OR (aviation [mh] OR aviation [tw])) AND 
((workload [mh] OR workload [tw]) OR (mental processes [mh] OR mental processes [tw]) OR 
(group processes [mh] OR group processes [tw]) OR  
(cross-cultural comparison [mh] OR cross-cultural comparison [tw])))) OR 
((bone density [mh] AND (weight-bearing [mh] OR bed rest [mh] OR biomechanical phenomena [mh:noexp] OR 
(acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw]))) OR (bone and bones/ph AND 
(weight-bearing [mh] OR bed rest [mh] OR 
(acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw]) OR biomechanical phenomena [mh:noexp])) OR 
((bone and bones [mh] OR (muscle, skeletal [mh] OR muscle, skeletal [tw])) AND 
(reload OR unload OR reloading OR unloading)) OR 
((bone development [majr] OR bone remodeling [majr]) AND 
(acceleration OR weight-bearing [mh] OR bed rest [mh] OR biomechanical phenomena [mh:noexp])) OR  
((bone and bones [majr] OR biomechanical phenomena [mh:noexp]) AND 
((adaptation, physiological [mh] OR adaptation, physiological [tw]) OR 
(models, biological [mh] OR models, biological [tw]))) OR  
((muscle fibers [tw] OR (muscle atrophy [mh] OR muscle atrophy [tw]) OR 
(muscular atrophy [mh] OR muscular atrophy [tw]) OR 
(skeletal muscle [mh] OR skeletal muscle [tw])) AND 
((bed rest [mh] OR bed rest [tw]) OR bedrest [tw] OR 
(acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw]) OR 
(adaptation, physiological [mh] OR adaptation, physiological [tw])) OR  
(bone demineralization, pathologic [mh] OR bone demineralization, pathologic [tw]) OR 
bone resorption [mh] OR calcification, physiologic [mh] OR bone matrix [mh] OR 
osteogenesis [majr] OR osteoblasts [majr] OR osteoclasts [majr] OR chondrocytes [majr] OR 
((muscle proteins [majr] OR calcitriol [majr] OR vitamin d [majr]) AND 
((adaptation, physiological [mh] OR adaptation, physiological [tw]) OR 
bed rest [mh] OR  (acceleration [mh] OR acceleration [tw])))))

Last Reviewed: February 20, 2019