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NLM Recruitment Video Transcripts

Video 1: Why NLM


NLM has a wonderful mission, and that was definitely one of the reasons why I found NLM to be an attractive place to work, and it's a big reason why I'm still here.

NLM's mission--down to its most pure kernel--and that's to remind everybody that everything that you do here everyday helps somebody to get health information.

Often people ask me, "Why the government? Why the National Library of Medicine? Why not Google? Why not Apple?"

And while they are great companies--and they are doing great research--NLM offers the blend, which excites me, that I can work with more than one field at the same time.

And the idea of actually training computers to help doctors, help researchers, held teachers, educators in the role of the library was exciting enough that I wanted to be here.

There are many well-respected and well-regarded medical libraries, but being part of NLM is like playing the big room. I mean, this is about as good as it gets.

This is not the run-of-the-mill administrative office; It is a research institution pushing the boundaries for informatics.

Video 2: NLM Culture


The NLM culture I could categorize as diverse--lots of opportunities--and also very family friendly.

The very remarkable thing about NLM is the diversity of the workforce in every sense, you know, whether it's age or their professional training or their culture.

Here people are very approachable, and if you don’t mind, you just...even though you think that, you know, they are the head of this department or whatever…you're kind of afraid of them, but don’t be so because I found whoever I tried to talk to, they seldom turned me down.

To me the culture is self-driven, always strives for excellence.

NLM is full of very hardworking, dedicated people who are passionate about providing biomedical information.

Video 3: NLM Impact


I think the impact of NLM globally is huge.

We know that its collections, especially its online collections and resources and tools are accessed by people all over the country and all over the world.

It’s there 24/7, 365, and it really makes a difference when somebody's undergoing…when they're at that crisis moment, they don’t have time to go to the physical library and spend hours researching or try to figure out where on the web has valid health information.

They know...they can know this is a valid source--it's been vetted properly--and it’s really there for them.

The impact is felt by everyone. Researchers all over the world use our products, and by products I mean our databases, and so if we do something to PubMed for example, we're gonna hear about it from people that are not only in the United Sates but all over the world.

And for a lot of these researchers, PubMed is their first point of access to the medical literature because it’s free.

I would see it when I did reference just answering reference questions from all over the world--from physicians, community organizations, the general public--they come to us when they can go to their own medical libraries in their country--they come to us, which is rather a compliment.

We have a friend in Malaysia, and about five years ago his mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and so he wrote to us and he was just sort of asking for our support and I said, "You know, is there anything I can do to help you get information about this, because you know, I know a great source for that, MedlinePlus.

And he said, "that would be wonderful if you could provide some information." So I did a quick search and I came across the MedlinePlus page on bladder cancer and all the links to NCI bladder cancer resources that were out there for him, and I sent those to him and about two or three months later his mom had undergone some treatments, and he wrote back and he said, “I really wanna thank you, because you provided more information to my family and I than her doctors did.”

It is necessary to have one place that's reliable, that's...that does not have any commercial pressures to represent what is the best known knowledge in the field, and NLM offers that--worldwide.

Video 4: Why Libraries, Why NLM


I chose librarianship because I like being introduced to new ideas, and new knowledge on a constant basis, and I found that I also like learning new technology and I found librarianship to be sort of a good fit for this.

I'm very interested in library automation...A general interest in technology. And as I was studying library science, I was gravitating towards the areas of working with automated processing of data and software solutions to library problems.

I was very interested in the field of medical informatics and the role that librarians could possibly play, and I couldn't have found a more exciting place.

The role of the library is changing. So again, I think it's a very exciting time to be in libraries, because we don't have...We have the traditional role, but it's expanded so much, because with the Internet and all of that, we have so many other services that the library provides.

Libraries offer me the opportunity to provide services to people, and also I'm always interested in computer technologies. My job combines services and computer technology.

I've been both in academia and private sector before, and then with this...with NLM, I think when it's anything to do with biomedical information, this is the place to be with know, a hundred and seventy-five year tradition of making biomedical information accessible.

It's great to work at NLM. I think I will retire from here.