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Policy Analyst

National Library of Medicine
Assistant Director for Policy Development

Detail Opportunity – Policy Analyst

This is a full-time, 120-day, detail for a GS-13-GS-14

Series: 601, 301, 343

Office Description/Functional Statement:

NLM is seeking a detailee to work as a policy analyst with the NLM Assistant Director for Policy Development.  The NLM Assistant Director for Policy Development is responsible for leading NLM's policy development and implementation activities.  In this role, they advise the Director and Deputy Director of scientific, legislative, informatics, health IT, and public policy issues related to NLM's mission; serve as a key advisor to NIH, DHHS, the Administration, and Congress on relevant policy issues; and direct the analysis, monitoring, and provision of technical assistance on relevant legislative matters.  The Assistant Director for Policy Development also establishes NLM, NIH, HHS, and Administration policy statements on issues related to scientific, technical, and medical information, data, and health IT policy; and coordinates with external stakeholders on relevant policy matters.  The Assistant Director for Policy Development is organizationally located within the NLM Office of the Director (

Opportunity Description:

NLM is seeking candidates who are working at the GS-13–GS-14 grade levels and have interest in the advancement of science policy issues relevant to NLM’s mission with a particular focus on developing the congressional budget justification. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about policy, legislative, and budget issues while contributing to the development of a public-facing policy document that is critical to NLM and NIH operations. A successful candidate will be able to work collaboratively with the Assistant Director for Policy Development, NLM leadership and colleagues, and NIH colleagues; and execute independently on assigned responsibilities.

As a Policy Analyst assisting with the preparation of NLM’s Congressional Justifications (CJ) for appropriations (, responsibilities include:  

  • Working with the Assistant Director for Policy Development on planning and executing a plan for developing the NLM CJ;
  • Collaborating with NLM leadership and staff on outlining and developing content for the congressional budget justification;
  • Drafting outline, narrative, and other content for inclusion in the CJ; and
  • Assisting with other ongoing policy and legislative activities.

Knowledge and Skills Needed:

Successful candidates for a legislative analyst position should:

  • Be familiar with the mission and role of NLM;
  • Have strong interpersonal and team-building skills to coordinate across to facilitate and enhance collaboration with NLM colleagues and leadership; and
  • Possess strong project management, communication, and strategic thinking skills that allow the detailee to anticipate and support relevant needs, facilitate collaboration efforts, and promote the success of the NLM assigned responsibilities.


  • Open Date: August 2, 2021
  • Close Date: Ongoing
  • Those interested in the position should submit their cover letter, resume, and most recent performance review to with “Policy Analyst Detail Opportunity” in the subject line.

Last Reviewed: August 2, 2021