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Job Types and Qualifications

The National Library of Medicine employees perform a wide range of jobs. Some of the more commonly offered positions at NLM include:


Administrative Assistant

Qualifications for Administrative Assistants (OPM)


Major duties  include: Prepares routine correspondence. Obtains, compiles, and summarizes narrative information and quantitative data for use by others within the office. Reviews purchasing orders for correctness. Reads and applies government regulations, agency policies and procedures. Participates in planning, developing, formulating, preparing, executing, and/or monitoring organizational budgets. Assists in performing general administration and advisory services and/or functions, to include: time and attendance, relocation requests, human resources services, facilities management, property management, and space/logistics, safety/security. Makes domestic and international travel arrangements. Salary range: GS 5-7.

Administrative Officer

Qualifications for Administrative Officers (OPM)

Major duties include: Participates in planning, developing, formulating, preparing, executing, and/or monitoring organizational budgets. Analyzes expenditures and organization spending plans, preparing justifications as appropriate. Applies internal budget review guidelines and procedures to facilitate the budget review process. Analyzes program needs and budget data for cost benefit. Conducts negotiations with vendors to obtain goods and services. Drafts specifications for use in solicitation for services and other contracting documents. Salary Range: GS 9-12.


Computer Scientist

Qualifications for Computer Scientists (OPM)

Major duties include: Assists in the design and development of scientific software applications and/or hardware. Assists in establishing system design characteristics to meet the organization’s requirements. Investigates and evaluates the suitability of specific software components for particular assignments. Helps to design and carry out tests of software function and performance in the areas of graphics, genomic information processing, and distributed file systems. Salary range: GS 7-12. 


Information Technology Manager

Qualifications for Information Technology Managers - Alternative A (OPM)

Qualifications for Information Technology Managers - Alternative B (OPM)

Major duties include: Reviews malfunctioning PCs, workstations, and/or associated hardware to isolate defective parts or determine whether inappropriate logical configurations are causing malfunctions. Identifies and carries out the most effective actions for immediate remedy or recommends to management the most feasible solution from a cost benefit standpoint. Works with senior specialists and/or manufacturer's representatives to solve problems with defective or malfunctioning equipment. Provides support and participates in the development, configuration, installation, and maintenance of a local area network (LAN). Develops plans and designs for network modifications and enhancements. Performs network configuration management functions and maintains daily LAN operations. Salary range: GS 5-11.



Qualifications for Librarians (OPM)

Major duties include: Responds to routine questions regarding library policies and procedures. Obtains feedback from library users in order to assist the library in modifying its services to serve health professionals more effectively. Provides access to information resources by using various automated systems including databases and telecommunications networks. Prepares responses to personal, telephone and mail inquiries that may require background investigation, analysis of policies, methods and procedures and the inclusion of appropriate materials. Participates as a team member in a variety of special projects that require the individual to have a working knowledge of library systems technology, databases, and software. Makes contributions with particular emphasis on updating or modifying systems, policies, procedures, and methods. Salary range: GS 9-14.


Library Technician

Qualifications for Library Technicians (OPM)

Major duties include: Performs basic technical support duties that include: materials acquisition, receipt processing, materials preparation, and records maintenance. Performs basic bibliographic searching (from citations or received items), record creation, and file maintenance tasks in automated technical processing files. Matches received or in-process material to the appropriate record in the automated file, records receipt or other processing action, and dispatches the item to the next processing stage. Performs physical processing of materials such as typing and affixing spine labels, affixing security devices, re-boxing non-print materials, etc. Performs routine clerical duties. Salary range: GS 4-8.


Management Analyst

Qualifications for Management Analysts (OPM)

Major duties include: Prepares portions of initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied. Participates in studies and analysis of internal administrative operations, organizations, or management to achieve greater economy and efficiency. Prepares materials for workflow and operational analysis, cost studies, and/or equipment utilization. Prepares initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the program activity to be studied. Reviews both program operational plans and current and incoming work projects.  Provides basic recommendations for improving methods. Participates in determining the need for work standards and control systems. Salary range: GS 5-13.


Medical Officer

Qualifications for Medical Officers (OPM)

Major duties include: Performs scientific investigations of limited scope, with readily definable objectives, that require only conventional techniques. Participates responsibly in all phases of the research process including problem definition, planning, execution, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of findings. Keeps abreast of scientific and clinical developments through review of literature, attending professional meetings, conferences, and symposia. Assists in designing, conducting, or directing clinical investigations. Salary range: GS 12 and above.


Technical Information Specialist

Qualifications for Technical Information Specialists (OPM)

Major duties include: Manage special projects that have a significant impact on specific areas of the library. Prepare specialized analytical and statistical reports to evaluate existing programs and develop new and/or improved approaches. Participate in cooperative efforts within/or outside of the library to develop operating standards and to ensure that library practices adhere to appropriate national and international standards. Apply subject area knowledge to participate on teams composed of a variety of library staff to conduct special projects that require the specialist to have a strong understanding of library systems technology, databases, software, industry standards, and best practices, as well as operating policies and procedures. Develop and design training programs to communicate and implement library-wide changes in policies or procedures as well as to inform staff of changes to in-house databases, online systems and other technical issues related to library functions and services. Assist with preparation and management of documentation for Section and Division activities.