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Common Data Element (CDE) Resource Portal

Subject Areas of NIH CDE Tools and Resources

This table lists the Subject Areas covered by NIH CDE Tools and Resources. More information on NIH CDE Tools and Resources: Summary Table, Detailed Summaries.

XX indicates that the subject area is a major focus, while X indicates that the subject area is a minor focus. Subject areas listed here may change as additional Resources are added to the CDE Resource Portal or as existing Resources are expanded into new subject areas (subject areas assessed in January 2013).

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other SubstancesXXXX X
Anthropometrics  XX 
Biospecimens      X 
CancerX  X  X
Cardiovascular and CirculatoryX X  X
Demographics and Patient Contact Info.XX XX X X
Diabetes and Other Endocrine   X  X
Environmental Exposures  X X 
Excretory X    
Infectious Diseases and ImmunityXX X   X
Laboratory TestsXXX  XX
Medical HistoryXXXX XXX
Medications, Devices, and Treatments  X    
Neurology  XX   XX
Nutrition and Dietary SupplementsX XXX 
Physical FunctionXXXXXXXX
Physical Symptoms (incl. pain, fatigue)XXX XX
Psychiatric  X X X
PsychosocialX XX X X
ReproductiveX X  X
RespiratoryXX XX
Skin, Bone, Muscle and JointXX X
Social Environments X XX   
Speech and HearingXXX XX
Study DetailsXXX XXX


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Last Reviewed: January 4, 2013