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D-600  see Gallopamil
D 600  see Gallopamil
Mesh BrowserD-Amino-Acid Oxidase  QU 140 
D-Glucuronolactone Dehydrogenase  see Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
DAB  see p-Dimethylaminoazobenzene
Dace  see Cyprinidae
Dacryoadenitis  see Dacryocystitis
Mesh BrowserDacryocystitis  WW 208 
Mesh BrowserDacryocystorhinostomy  WW 208 
Dacryocystostomy  see Dacryocystorhinostomy
Dactylolysis Spontanea  see Ainhum
Mesh BrowserDairy Products
Bacteriology  QW 85
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 428
Public health aspects  WA 715
Mesh BrowserDairying SF 221-250
Pasteurization  WA 719
Public health aspects  WA 715-719
Dall Porpoise  see Porpoises
Mesh BrowserDanazol  WP 522 
Mesh BrowserDance Therapy
General  WB 541
In psychotherapy  WM 450.5.D2
Mesh BrowserDancing
Injuries  WA 487.5.D4
Physiological aspects  QT 255
Dandruff  see Scalp Dermatoses
Dandy-Walker Malformation  see Dandy-Walker Syndrome
Mesh BrowserDandy-Walker Syndrome  WL 350 
Dane Particle  see Hepatitis B virus
Mesh BrowserDangerous Behavior
Adolescent  WS 463
Infant or child  WS 350.8.A4
As a social behavior disorder  WM 600
See also Risk-Taking
Danio rerio  see Zebrafish
Mesh BrowserDantrolene  QV 140 
Mesh BrowserDapsone  QV 259 
Mesh BrowserDark Adaptation  WW 109 
Mesh BrowserDarkness
Physiological effects  QT 162.L5
See also Visual Perception  WW 105
See also Night Blindness  WD 110
Data Analysis, Statistical  see Data Interpretation, Statistical
Mesh BrowserData Collection  WA 950 
For particular purposes, by subject
See also Empirical Research
Mesh BrowserData Interpretation, Statistical  WA 950 
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserData Mining  W 26.55.I4 
Data Pooling  see Meta-Analysis as Topic
Data Processing, Automatic  see Automatic Data Processing
Data Protection  see Computer Security
Data Security  see Computer Security
Data Systems  see Information Systems
Databanks as Topic  see Databases as Topic
Mesh BrowserDatabase Management Systems  W 26.55.I4 
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserDatabase
Specific topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserDatabases as Topic Z 699-699.5
By subject, non-medical Z 699.5.A-Z
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.I4
In other special fields (General) (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Databases, Bibliographic Z 699-699.5, etc.
Mesh BrowserDatabases, Bibliographic Z 699-699.5
By subject, non-medical Z 699.5.A-Z
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.I4
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Databases, Distributed  see Computer Communication Networks
Databases, DNA  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
Databases, DNA Sequence  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
Mesh BrowserDatabases, Nucleic Acid  QU 58 
See also DNA Fingerprinting
See also Gene Library
See also Genetic Testing
Databases, Nucleic Acid Sequence  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
Databases, RNA  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
Databases, RNA Sequence  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
Mesh BrowserDatura stramonium  QV 134 
Day Blindness  see Vision Disorders
Mesh BrowserDay Care
Aged  WT 29
Of the mentally ill  WM 29
Of the physically ill and disabled  WX 29
See also Child Day Care Centers  WA 310-320, etc.
Day Care Centers for Children  see Child Day Care Centers
Day Dreams  see Fantasy
Day Surgery  see Ambulatory Surgical Procedures
DDAVP  see Deamino Arginine Vasopressin
DDBJ  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
DDD  see Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane
DDE  see Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene
Mesh BrowserDDT  WA 240 
DDX  see Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene
Mesh BrowserDe Lange Syndrome  QS 675 
See also Intellectual Disability
De Lange's Syndrome  see De Lange Syndrome
Dead Bodies  see Cadaver
Deadly Nightshade  see Atropa belladonna
Deaf  see Hearing Impaired Persons
Mesh BrowserDeaf-Blind Disorders  WV 270 
See also Hearing Impaired Persons
See also Visually Impaired Persons
Deaf Persons  see Hearing Impaired Persons
Deaf-Mutism  see Deafness
Mesh BrowserDeafness  WV 270-280 
Infant or child  WV 271
Physical and medical aspects WV 270-280
Social aspects HV 2353-2990.5
See also Correction of Hearing Impairment
Therapy  WV 276
See also Hearing Aids  WV 274
See also Lipreading HV 2487
Deafness, Conductive  see Hearing Loss, Conductive
Deafness, Cortical  see Hearing Loss, Central
Deafness, Sudden  see Hearing Loss, Sudden
Mesh BrowserDeamination QD 281.A6
Biochemistry  QU 25
Mesh BrowserDeamino Arginine Vasopressin  WK 520 
Mesh BrowserDeath
Aged  WT 116
Attitude see Attitude to Death BF 789.D4
Fetal Death  WQ 225
Infant or child  WS 200
Legal establishment of  W 820
See also Death Certificates WA 54
Medicolegal aspects  W 800-867
Psychopathological fear of death  WM 178
Registration  WA 54
Speculative philosophy BD 443.8-445
Statistics see Mortality HB 1321-1528, etc.
See also Attitude to Death BF 789.D4, etc.
See also Bereavement BF 575.G7, etc.
See also Brain Death  W 820
See also Cause of Death  WA 900
See also Homicide
See also Infanticide
See also Mortuary Practice  WA 840-847, etc.
See also Suicide
See also Terminal Care
See also Thanatology HQ 1073-1073.5
Death, Assisted  see Suicide, Assisted
Mesh BrowserDeath Certificates  WA 54 
Death Rate  see Mortality
Mesh BrowserDeath, Sudden  W 820 
Special topics, by subject, e.g., Coronary Disease  WG 300
See also Death, Sudden, Cardiac  WG 205
See also Resuscitation
See also Sudden Infant Death  WS 430
Mesh BrowserDeath, Sudden, Cardiac  WG 205 
See also Heart Arrest
Death with Dignity  see Right to Die
Mesh BrowserDebridement  WO 700-820 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserDecalcification, Pathologic  WE 250 
Mesh BrowserDecalcification Technique  QS 525 
Mesh BrowserDecamethonium Compounds  QV 140 
See also Neuromuscular Depolarizing Agents
Mesh BrowserDecapoda (Crustacea)  QX 463 
Mesh BrowserDecapodiformes  QX 675 
Decay, Dental  see Dental Caries
Decayed, Missing, and Filled Teeth  see DMF Index
Mesh BrowserDeceleration  WD 720 
Mesh BrowserDeception
Adolescent  WS 463
Infant or child  WS 350.8.D2
Psychology BF 637.D42
See also Fraud HV 6691-6699
See also Lie Detection
See also Professional Misconduct
Mesh BrowserDecidua  WQ 210 
Embryology  QS 645
Decidual Cell Reaction  see Embryo Implantation
Decision Analysis  see Decision Support Techniques
Mesh BrowserDecision Making BF 448
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.D2
Special topics, by subject, e.g., in local health administration  WA 546
See also Decision Support Techniques
See also Game Theory QA 269-272
See also Policy Making H 97
Mesh BrowserDecision Making, Computer-Assisted
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.D2
Used for special purpose, by subject
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserDecision Making, Organizational
Management HD 30.23
Psychology BF 448
Special topics, by subject
See also Decision Support Techniques
See also Policy Making
Decision Modeling  see Decision Support Techniques
Mesh BrowserDecision Support Systems, Clinical
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.D2
Used for special purpose, by subject
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserDecision Support Systems, Management  W 26.55.D2 
In other areas, by subject
Mesh BrowserDecision Support Techniques
Special topics, by subject, e.g., Diagnosis  WB 141
See also Evidence-Based Medicine  WB 102.5
Mesh BrowserDecision Theory
In mathematical statistics QA 279.4-279.7
In special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserDecision Trees
In mathematical statistics QA 279.4
In special topics, by subject
Decoloration, Drug  see Drug Compounding
Mesh BrowserDecompression
Aerospace medicine  WD 710
Submarine medicine  WD 650
Other special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserDecompression, Explosive
Aerospace medicine  WD 710
Submarine medicine  WD 650
Other special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserDecompression Sickness
Altitude effects  WD 712
Aviation medicine
Diving problem  WD 650
Submarine medicine  WD 650
Mesh BrowserDecompression, Surgical  WO 500 
Localized, by site
For special purposes, by subject
Decongestants  see Nasal Decongestants
Mesh BrowserDecontamination
Chemical warfare agents  QV 663
Radiation  WN 650
Decortication, Cerebral Cortex  see Cerebral Decortication
Decubitus Ulcer  see Pressure Ulcer
Decussation, Pyramidal  see Pyramidal Tracts
Dedications  see Anniversaries and Special Events
Mesh BrowserDeductibles and Coinsurance
Insurance, Health  W 100-275
See also specific types of insurance, e.g., Insurance, Dental  W 260
Mesh BrowserDeep Brain Stimulation
General  WL 368
Used for treatment of particular disorders, with the disease or system
See also Electric Stimulation
Deep Vein Thrombosis  see Venous Thrombosis
Deer Fly Fever  see Tularemia
Mesh BrowserDefecation  WI 600 
See also Constipation
See also Diarrhea
See also Encopresis
See also Fecal Incontinence
Defects, Equipment  see Equipment Failure
Mesh BrowserDefense Mechanisms  WM 193-193.5 
Infant or child  WS 350.8.D3
Mesh BrowserDefensive Medicine  W 44 
Dentistry  WU 44
Nursing  WY 44
(Form number 33 in any other NLM schedule where applicable)
Defensive Practice  see Defensive Medicine
Mesh BrowserDeferoxamine  QV 183 
Defibrillation, Electric  see Electric Countershock
Mesh BrowserDefibrillators, Implantable  WG 330 
Mesh BrowserDeficiency Diseases  WD 105-155 
Veterinary SF 854-855
Mesh BrowserDefoliants, Chemical
Public health aspects  WA 240
Deformities  see Congenital Abnormalities
Degenerative Diseases, Nervous System  see Neurodegenerative Diseases
Degenerative Processes in Disease  see Disease
Mesh BrowserDeglutition  WI 102 
Mesh BrowserDeglutition Disorders  WI 250 
Mesh BrowserDehydration
Diagnostic significance  WB 158
In water-electrolyte imbalance  WD 220
See also Fluid Therapy
See also Thirst
Dehydrocholesterol  see Cholecalciferol
Dehydrocortisone  see Prednisone
Dehydrogenases  see Oxidoreductases
Dehydromethyltestosterone  see Methandrostenolone
Mesh BrowserDeinstitutionalization  W 84.7 
See also Home Care Services  WY 115, etc.
Mesh BrowserDeja Vu BF 378.D45
Delayed Effects, Prenatal Exposure  see Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects
Delayed Embryo Implantation  see Embryo Implantation, Delayed
Delayed Memory  see Repression, Psychology
Mesh BrowserDelayed-Action Preparations  QV 786 
Deletion (Genetics)  see Chromosome Deletion
Mesh BrowserDelirium
Neurologic manifestations  WL 340
Psychotic  WM 204
Specific disease associations, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDelirium, Dementia, Amnestic, Cognitive Disorders
General  WM 140
See also names of specific disorders, e.g., Amnesia  WM 173.7
Delirium Tremens  see Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium
Delivery  see Delivery, Obstetric
Delivery, Abdominal  see Cesarean Section
Delivery, Home  see Home Childbirth
Mesh BrowserDelivery, Obstetric  WQ 415 
Drugs affecting see Oxytocics  QV 173
Methods  WQ 415-430
See also Cesarean Section WQ 430
See also Obstetrical Forceps WQ 425
See also Version, Fetal WQ 415
Veterinary SF 887
See also Home Childbirth  WQ 155
See also Birth Injuries  WS 405
See also Dystocia  WQ 310
See also Natural Childbirth  WQ 152
Delivery of Dental Care  see Delivery of Health Care
Mesh BrowserDelivery of Health Care  W 84 
In developing countries  WA 395
In rural areas  WA 390
See also Consumer Participation
Mesh BrowserDelivery of Health Care, Integrated  W 84 
Mesh BrowserDelivery Rooms  WQ 27-28 
Delivery, Vacuum Extraction  see Vacuum Extraction, Obstetrical
Delonix  see Fabaceae
Mesh BrowserDelphi Technique
Used for particular purposes, by subject
Research (Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Delphinidae  see Dolphins
delta(9)-THC  see Tetrahydrocannabinol
Delta Agent  see Hepatitis Delta Virus
delta-Cortisone  see Prednisone
Delta Hepatitis  see Hepatitis D
Delta Infection  see Hepatitis D
Delta Superinfection  see Hepatitis D
Delta Virus  see Hepatitis Delta Virus
Mesh BrowserDeltaretrovirus  QW 168.5.R18 
Mesh BrowserDeltaretrovirus Infections  WC 502 
Deltavirus  see Hepatitis Delta Virus
Delusional Disorder  see Schizophrenia, Paranoid
Mesh BrowserDelusions  WM 204 
Mesh BrowserDementia  WM 220 
Dementia, Alzheimer Type  see Alzheimer Disease
Dementia Complex, AIDS-Related  see AIDS Dementia Complex
Mesh BrowserDementia, Multi-Infarct  WM 220 
Dementia Praecox  see Schizophrenia
Dementia, Presenile  see Alzheimer Disease
Dementia,Primary Senile Degenerative  see Alzheimer Disease
Dementia, Senile  see Alzheimer Disease
Mesh BrowserDementia, Vascular  WM 220 
Dementias, Transmissible  see Prion Diseases
Demethyl Epipodophyllotoxin Ethylidine Glucoside  see Etoposide
Mesh BrowserDemography HB 848-3697
Demospongiae  see Porifera
Demyelinating Autoimmune Disease, Peripheral  see Polyradiculoneuropathy
Mesh BrowserDemyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS  WL 301 
Demyelinating Disease, Peripheral Autoimmune  see Polyradiculoneuropathy
Mesh BrowserDemyelinating Diseases
General works  WL 140
Manifestation of disease, with the disease
Demyelination  see Demyelinating Diseases
Mesh BrowserDendrites  WL 102.5 
Mesh BrowserDendritic Cells  QW 568 
Dendritic Cells, Interdigitating  see Dendritic Cells
Denervation, Sympathetic  see Sympathectomy
Mesh BrowserDengue  WC 528 
Dengue Fever  see Dengue
Mesh BrowserDengue Hemorrhagic Fever  WC 528 
Dengue Shock Syndrome  see Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Mesh BrowserDengue Vaccines  WC 528 
Mesh BrowserDenial (Psychology)  WM 193.5.D3 
Adolescent  WS 463
Infant or child  WS 350.8.D3
Mesh BrowserDensitometry
Photometry (Optics) QC 391
Radiography  WN 160
Technique in radiography of special systems with the radiography number for the system or disease being diagnosed
Dental Abrasion  see Tooth Abrasion
Dental Acid Etching  see Acid Etching, Dental
Dental Adhesives  see Dental Cements
Dental Air Abrasion  see Air Abrasion, Dental
Mesh BrowserDental Alloys  WU 180 
Mesh BrowserDental Amalgam  WU 180 
Dental Anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Dental
Mesh BrowserDental Anxiety  WU 61 
Mesh BrowserDental Arch  WU 101 
Mesh BrowserDental Articulators  WU 26 
Mesh BrowserDental Assistants  WU 90 
Dental Attrition  see Tooth Attrition
Mesh BrowserDental Audit  WU 29 
Of a hospital dental service  WU 27
Mesh BrowserDental Auxiliaries  WU 90 
Mesh BrowserDental Bonding  WU 190 
Dental Bridgework  see Denture, Partial
Mesh BrowserDental Calculus  WU 250 
See also Dental Prophylaxis
Mesh BrowserDental Care  WU 29 
Aged see Dental Care for Aged  WU 490
School clinics see School Dentistry  WA 350-351, etc.
Infant and child see Pediatric Dentistry  WU 480
See also Comprehensive Dental Care
Mesh BrowserDental Care for Aged  WU 490 
Mesh BrowserDental Care for Children  WU 480 
Mesh BrowserDental Care for Chronically Ill  WU 460 
Mesh BrowserDental Care for Disabled  WU 470 
See also Dental Care for Chronically Ill
Dental Care for Handicapped  see Dental Care for Disabled
Dental Care Plans  see Insurance, Dental
Mesh BrowserDental Caries  WU 270 
See also Cariogenic Agents
See also Diet, Cariogenic
Mesh BrowserDental Casting Investment  WU 180 
Mesh BrowserDental Casting Technique  WU 25 
Mesh BrowserDental Cavity Preparation  WU 350 
Mesh BrowserDental Cements  WU 190 
See also Silicate Cement  WU 190
Mesh BrowserDental Cementum  WU 230 
Mesh BrowserDental Clinics  WU 27-28 
School Dental Clinics  WA 350-351
Dental Crowns  see Crowns
Dental Decay  see Dental Caries
Mesh BrowserDental Deposits  WU 250 
See also Biofilms
Dental Digital Radiography  see Radiography, Dental, Digital
Dental Diseases  see Stomatognathic Diseases
Dental Dowels  see Post and Core Technique
Dental Economics  see Economics, Dental
Dental Education  see Education, Dental
Dental Education, Continuing  see Education, Dental, Continuing
Dental Education, Graduate  see Education, Dental, Graduate
Mesh BrowserDental Enamel  WU 220 
See also Fluorosis, Dental  WU 220
Mesh BrowserDental Enamel Solubility  WU 220 
Mesh BrowserDental Equipment  WU 26 
Mesh BrowserDental Etching  WU 190 
Mesh BrowserDental Facilities  WU 27-28 
Dental Fear  see Dental Anxiety
Dental Fillings, Permanent  see Dental Restoration, Permanent
Dental Fillings, Temporary  see Dental Restoration, Temporary
Dental Fluorosis  see Fluorosis, Dental
Dental Focal Infection  see Focal Infection, Dental
Dental Granuloma  see Periapical Granuloma
Dental Gypsum  see Calcium Sulfate
Dental Handpieces  see Dental High-Speed Equipment
Dental Health Education  see Health Education, Dental
Mesh BrowserDental Health Services  WU 29 
Mesh BrowserDental Health Surveys  WU 30 
Mesh BrowserDental High-Speed Equipment  WU 26 
Mesh BrowserDental High-Speed Technique  WU 25 
Dental Hygiene  see Oral Hygiene
Mesh BrowserDental Hygienists  WU 90 
Mesh BrowserDental Implantation  WU 640 
See also Dental Implants
Mesh BrowserDental Implants  WU 640 
See also Dental Implantation
See also Tooth, Artificial
Mesh BrowserDental Implants, Single-Tooth  WU 640 
Mesh BrowserDental Impression Materials  WU 190 
See also Silicone Elastomers
Mesh BrowserDental Impression Technique  WU 25 
Dental Infection Control  see Infection Control, Dental
Mesh BrowserDental Informatics  WU 26.5 
Used for special purpose, by subject
Dental Inlays  see Inlays
Mesh BrowserDental Instruments  WU 26 
Dental Laboratories  see Laboratories, Dental
Dental Laminates  see Dental Veneers
Mesh BrowserDental Materials  WU 190 
See also Dental Bonding
See also Dental Equipment  WU 26
See also Inlays
Dental Medicaid Program  see Medicaid
Dental Microabrasion  see Enamel Microabrasion
Mesh BrowserDental Models  WU 26 
Dental Nurses  see Dental Assistants
Mesh BrowserDental Occlusion  WU 440 
See also Malocclusion  WU 440
Mesh BrowserDental Occlusion, Balanced  WU 440 
See also Occlusal Adjustment
Mesh BrowserDental Occlusion, Centric  WU 440 
Mesh BrowserDental Occlusion, Traumatic  WU 440 
Mesh BrowserDental Offices  WU 77 
Dental Onlays  see Inlays
Dental Pegs  see Dental Pins
Dental Phobia  see Dental Anxiety
Mesh BrowserDental Physiological Phenomena  WU 102 
Dental Physiology  see Dental Physiological Phenomena
Mesh BrowserDental Pins  WU 26 
Mesh BrowserDental Plaque  WU 250 
Mesh BrowserDental Porcelain  WU 190 
Dental Practice Management Services  see Practice Management
Dental Practice Patterns  see Dentist's Practice Patterns
Mesh BrowserDental Prophylaxis  WU 113 
Mesh BrowserDental Prosthesis  WU 500-530 
The specialty see Prosthodontics  WU 500
See also Dental Restoration Failure
See also Dental Restoration, Permanent  WU 300
See also Dental Restoration, Temporary  WU 350
See also Dentures
Mesh BrowserDental Prosthesis Design  WU 500 
Dental Prosthesis Failure  see Dental Restoration Failure
Mesh BrowserDental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported  WU 500-530 
Dental Prosthesis Implantation  see Dental Implantation
Dental Prosthesis, Surgical  see Dental Implants
Dental Prosthesis, Temporary  see Dental Restoration, Temporary
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp  WU 230 
See also Pulpotomy
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp Calcification  WU 230 
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp Capping  WU 230 
See also Calcium Hydroxide
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp Cavity  WU 230 
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp Devitalization  WU 230 
Mesh BrowserDental Pulp Diseases  WU 230 
See also Periapical Diseases
Dental Pulp Stones  see Dental Pulp Calcification
Dental Radiography  see Radiography, Dental
Dental Receptionists  see Dental Auxiliaries
Mesh BrowserDental Records  WU 95 
Mesh BrowserDental Research  WU 20.5 
Dental Resins  see Resins, Synthetic
Mesh BrowserDental Restoration Failure
Dental Prosthesis  WU 500-530
Dental Restoration  WU 300-360
Mesh BrowserDental Restoration, Permanent  WU 300-360 
See also Acrylic Resins
See also Dental Materials
Mesh BrowserDental Restoration, Temporary  WU 350 
See also Acrylic Resins
See also Dental Materials
Mesh BrowserDental Restoration Wear
Dental Prosthesis  WU 500-530
Dental restoration  WU 300-360
Mesh BrowserDental Scaling  WU 113 
Dental Schools  see Schools, Dental
Dental Sealants  see Pit and Fissure Sealants
Mesh BrowserDental Service, Hospital  WU 27-28 
Mesh BrowserDental Staff, Hospital  WU 27-28 
Dental Stone, Artificial  see Calcium Sulfate
Mesh BrowserDental Stress Analysis
Dental materials  WU 190
Occlusion etiology  WU 150
Mesh BrowserDental Technicians  WU 150 
Mesh BrowserDental Veneers  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDental Waste  WA 790 
Dental White Spots  see Dental Caries
Dentate Nucleus  see Cerebellar Nuclei
Denticaid  see Medicaid
Denticle  see Dental Pulp Calcification
Mesh BrowserDentifrices  WU 113 
See also Mouthwashes
Mesh BrowserDentigerous Cyst  WU 280 
Mesh BrowserDentin  WU 220 
See also Odontoblasts
Dentin Hypersensitivity  see Dentin Sensitivity
Mesh BrowserDentin Sensitivity  WU 220 
Dentine  see Dentin
Mesh BrowserDentist-Patient Relations  WU 61 
Child  WU 480
Mesh BrowserDentistry  WU 
General  WU 100
Anesthesia see Anesthesia, Dental  WO 460
Army see Military Dentistry  WU 495
Assistants see Dental Assistants  WU 90
Aviation  WD 745
Cardiac Problems  WG 460
Dental clinics  WU 27-28
Ethics see Ethics, Dental  WU 50
Forensic see Forensic Dentistry  W 705
Geriatric see Geriatric Dentistry  WU 490
Hygienists see Dental Hygienists  WU 90
Infant or child see Pediatric Dentistry  WU 480
Insurance see Insurance, Dental  W 260, etc.
Manpower  WU 77
Supply & distribution under Dentists WU 77
Microbiology see Mouth  QW 65
Military see Military Dentistry  WU 495
Occupational see Occupational Dentistry  WA 412
Pathology  WU 140
Pharmacology  QV 50
Roentgen diagnosis see Radiography, Dental  WN 230
School clinics see School Dentistry  WA 350, etc.
Social relations
Dentist-Patient Relations WU 61, etc.
Interprofessional Relations (with specialty emphasized) WU 61
Public Relations WU 61
Technicians see Dental Technicians  WU 90
Veterinary SF 867
See also Dental Equipment  WU 26
See also Dental Instruments  WU 26
See also Economics, Dental  WU 77-79
See also Education, Dental  WU 18
See also History of Dentistry  WU 11
See also Legislation, Dental  WU 32-44.1
See also Oral Medicine  WU 140
Dentistry, Evidence-Based  see Evidence-Based Dentistry
Dentistry for Aged  see Dental Care for Aged
Dentistry for Children  see Dental Care for Children
Dentistry for Chronically Ill  see Dental Care for Chronically Ill
Dentistry for Disabled  see Dental Care for Disabled
Dentistry for Handicapped  see Dental Care for Disabled
Dentistry, Geriatric  see Geriatric Dentistry
Mesh BrowserDentistry, Operative  WU 300-360 
Aged  WU 490
Infant or child  WU 480
Dentistry, Pediatric  see Pediatric Dentistry
Mesh BrowserDentists
Attitudes see Attitude of Health Personnel  WU 61, etc.
If primarily autobiographical WZ 100
Special topics by subject
Collective WZ 112.5.D3
Individual WZ 100
Directories  WU 22
Interprofessional and public relations  WU 61
Licensure see Licensure, Dental  WU 40
Supply & distribution  WU 77
Mesh BrowserDentist's Practice Patterns  WU 29 
Mesh BrowserDentists, Women  WU 21 
See also special topics under Dentistry where applicable
Mesh BrowserDentition  WU 210 
See also Tooth
Dentition, Adult  see Dentition, Permanent
Mesh BrowserDentition, Permanent  WU 210 
Dentition, Secondary  see Dentition, Permanent
Dentoalveolar Abscess, Apical  see Periapical Abscess
Dentoalveolar Cyst  see Periodontal Cyst
Mesh BrowserDenture Bases  WU 500 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Complete  WU 530 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Complete, Immediate  WU 530 
Denture, Implant-Supported  see Dental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported
Mesh BrowserDenture Liners  WU 500 
See also Silicone Elastomers
Mesh BrowserDenture, Overlay  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Partial  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Partial, Fixed  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Partial, Immediate  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture, Partial, Removable  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture Precision Attachment  WU 515 
Mesh BrowserDenture Retention  WU 500 
Denture Stability  see Denture Retention
Denture Wear  see Dental Restoration Wear
Mesh BrowserDentures  WU 515-530 
Denturism  see Denturists
Mesh BrowserDenturists  WU 150 
Mesh BrowserDeodorants  WA 744 
Deoxycorticosterone  see Desoxycorticosterone
Deoxyephedrine  see Methamphetamine
Mesh BrowserDeoxyribonucleases  QU 136 
Deoxyribonucleic Acid  see DNA
Deoxythymidine Kinase  see Thymidine Kinase
Deoxyursocholic Acid  see Ursodeoxycholic Acid
Mesh BrowserDeoxy Sugars  QU 75 
Mesh BrowserDependency (Psychology) BF 575.D34
Mesh BrowserDependent Personality Disorder  WM 190.5.D3 
Mesh BrowserDepersonalization  WM 171 
Depersonalization Disorder  see Depersonalization
Depilation  see Hair Removal
Depolarizing Muscle Relaxants  see Neuromuscular Depolarizing Agents
Depot Preparations  see Delayed-Action Preparations
Depotentiation  see Long-Term Synaptic Depression
Mesh BrowserDepreciation
Hospital administration  WX 157
Other topics, by subject if specific
If general, in economics number where available
Deprenalin  see Selegiline
Deprenil  see Selegiline
Deprenyl  see Selegiline
Mesh BrowserDepression  WM 171.5 
See also Antidepressive Agents
Depression, Bipolar  see Bipolar Disorder
Depression, Endogenous  see Depressive Disorder
Depression, Involutional  see Depressive Disorder, Major
Depression, Neurotic  see Depressive Disorder
Mesh BrowserDepression, Postpartum  WQ 500 
Depression, Reactive  see Adjustment Disorders
Depression, Reactive, Psychotic  see Affective Disorders, Psychotic
Depression, Unipolar  see Depressive Disorder
Mesh BrowserDepressive Disorder  WM 171.5 
Mesh BrowserDepressive Disorder, Major  WM 207 
Depressive Symptoms  see Depression
Depressive Syndrome  see Depressive Disorder
Deprivation Diseases  see Deficiency Diseases
Depth Intoxication  see Inert Gas Narcosis
Mesh BrowserDepth Perception  WW 105 
Dercum's Disease  see Adiposis Dolorosa
Derealization  see Depersonalization
Mesh BrowserDermabrasion  WO 600 
Dermal Drug Administration  see Administration, Cutaneous
Dermal Sinus  see Spina Bifida Occulta
Dermatalgia  see Skin Diseases
Mesh BrowserDermatitis  WR 160-190 
General works  WR 160
Occupational see Dermatitis, Occupational  WR 600
Dermatitis, Actinic  see Photosensitivity Disorders
Dermatitis, Adverse Drug Reaction  see Drug Eruptions
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Atopic  WR 160 
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Contact  WR 175 
See also Dermatitis, Occupational
Dermatitis, Contagious Pustular  see Ecthyma, Contagious
Dermatitis, Eczematous  see Eczema
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Exfoliative  WR 180 
Mesh BrowserDermatitis Herpetiformis  WR 200 
Dermatitis Medicamentosa  see Drug Eruptions
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Occupational  WR 600 
Dermatitis, Radiation-Induced  see Radiodermatitis
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Seborrheic  WR 415 
Dermatitis Seborrheica  see Dermatitis, Seborrheic
Mesh BrowserDermatitis, Toxicodendron  WR 175 
Dermatitis Venenata  see Dermatitis, Contact
Dermato-neuroses  see Neurodermatitis
Mesh BrowserDermatoglyphics
Anatomical structure  WR 101
Forensics  W 775-800
Physiological anthropology GN 191-192
Used for diagnosis of particular disorders, with the disorder, or system, e.g., Chromosome Aberrations  QS 677
Mesh BrowserDermatologic Agents  QV 60-65 
Adsorbents  QV 63
Demulcents  QV 63
Protectives  QV 63
See also Anti-Infective Agents, Local  QV 220-239
See also Astringents  QV 65
See also Emollients  QV 63
See also Irritants
Mesh BrowserDermatologic Surgical Procedures  WR 670 
See also Cosmetic Techniques
See also Surgery, Plastic
Dermatologists  see Dermatology
Mesh BrowserDermatology  WR 
General  WR 100
If primarily autobiographical WZ 100
Special topics by subject
Collective WZ 112.5.D4
Individual WZ 100
Directories  WR 22
Infant or child  WS 260
Nursing  WY 154.5
See also Skin Diseases
Mesh BrowserDermatomycoses  WR 300-340 
General works  WR 300
Veterinary SF 901
Mesh BrowserDermatomyositis  WE 544 
Dermatophytes  see Arthrodermataceae
Dermatophytoses  see Tinea
Dermatoplasty  see Skin Transplantation
Dermatosclerosis  see Scleroderma, Localized
Dermatoses  see Skin Diseases
Dermatotoxins  see Dermotoxins
Dermatotropic Virus Infections  see Skin Diseases, Infectious
Mesh BrowserDermis
General  WR 100
Anatomy  WR 101
Physiology  WR 102
Dermoid  see Dermoid Cyst
Mesh BrowserDermoid Cyst  QZ 310 
Mesh BrowserDermoscopy
General  WR 141
Of specific disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDermotoxins  QW 630 
Descriptors  see Subject Headings
Mesh BrowserDesensitization, Immunologic  QW 900 
For particular diseases of hypersensitivity, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDesensitization, Psychologic  WM 425.5.D4 
Adolescent  WS 463
Child  WS 350.6
Mesh BrowserDesert Climate QC 993.7
Diseases of geographic areas  WB 710
Physiological effects  QT 150
Desferrioxamine  see Deferoxamine
Desickling Agents  see Antisickling Agents
Design and Construction, Hospital  see Hospital Design and Construction
Design, Equipment  see Equipment Design
Mesh BrowserDesigner Drugs
General works  QV 55
Abuse  WM 270
See also Street Drugs
See also Substance-Related Disorders
Mesh BrowserDesipramine  QV 77.5 
Desmethylimipramine  see Desipramine
Desmoid  see Fibromatosis, Aggressive
Desmolases  see Lyases
Desmopressin  see Deamino Arginine Vasopressin
Mesh BrowserDesoxycorticosterone  WK 755 
Desoxycorticosterone Acetate  see Desoxycorticosterone
Desoxycortone  see Desoxycorticosterone
Desoxyribonucleases  see Deoxyribonucleases
Detachment, Choroid  see Choroid
Detachment, Retinal  see Retinal Detachment
Mesh BrowserDetergents  QV 233 
Determination of Health Care Needs  see Needs Assessment
Detoxication, Drug, Metabolic  see Metabolic Detoxication, Drug
Mesh BrowserDeuterium  QV 275 
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.H1
Deuteromycetes  see Mitosporic Fungi
Deuteromycota  see Mitosporic Fungi
Deuterons  see Deuterium
Mesh BrowserDeveloping Countries
Economics HC 59.69-59.72
Public health  WA 395
Specific countries or regions WA 300
Other special topics, by subject
Development, Urban  see Urban Renewal
Developmental Academic Disorder  see Learning Disorders
Mesh BrowserDevelopmental Biology QH 491
See also Growth and Development
Developmental Bone Diseases  see Bone Diseases, Developmental
Developmental Coordination Disorder  see Motor Skills Disorders
Developmental Defects, Neural Tube  see Neural Tube Defects
Developmental Delay Disorders  see Developmental Disabilities
Mesh BrowserDevelopmental Disabilities  WS 350.6 
Adult (General)  WM 140
Sociological aspects HV 1570-1570.5
See also Mentally Disabled Persons
Intellectual Disability  WM 300-308, etc.
Special topics, by subject
Deviants, Sexual  see Paraphilias
Mesh BrowserDevice Approval  WA 289 
Device Approval Process  see Device Approval
Device Design  see Equipment Design
Device Failure  see Equipment Failure
Mesh BrowserDevice Removal
General  WO 500
Localized, by site
Of specific devices, with the device
Device Safety  see Equipment Safety
Devices  see Equipment and Supplies
Dexpropranolol  see Propranolol
Mesh BrowserDextrans  WH 450 
Mesh BrowserDextrins  QU 83 
dextro-Amino Acid Oxidase  see D-Amino-Acid Oxidase
Dextrose  see Glucose
Dextrosulfenidol  see Thiamphenicol
Di-Te-Per Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
Diabetes, Autoimmune  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Diabetes, Bronze  see Hemochromatosis
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Complications  WK 835 
Mesh BrowserDiabetes, Gestational  WQ 248 
See also Pregnancy in Diabetics  WQ 248
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Insipidus  WK 550 
See also Diabetes Mellitus
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Mellitus  WK 810-850 
In pregnancy  WQ 248
Nursing  WY 155
Therapy  WK 815-825
See also Diabetes Insipidus
See also Diabetic Diet
See also Prediabetic State  WK 810
Diabetes Mellitus, Adult-Onset  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Brittle  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Mellitus, Experimental  WK 810 
Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational  see Diabetes, Gestational
Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin-Dependent  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile-Onset  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Diabetes Mellitus, Ketosis-Prone  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Diabetes Mellitus, Ketosis-Resistant  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Maturity-Onset  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Non-Insulin-Dependent  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Slow-Onset  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Stable  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus, Sudden-Onset  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Mellitus, Type 1  WK 810 
Mesh BrowserDiabetes Mellitus, Type 2  WK 810 
See also Metabolic Syndrome X
Diabetes, Pregnancy-Induced  see Diabetes, Gestational
Diabetic Acidosis  see Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Diabetic Amyotrophy  see Diabetic Neuropathies
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Angiopathies  WK 835 
Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy  see Diabetic Neuropathies
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Coma  WK 830 
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Diet  WK 818-819 
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Foot  WK 835 
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Ketoacidosis  WK 830 
Diabetic Ketosis  see Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Nephropathies  WK 835 
Diabetic Neuralgia  see Diabetic Neuropathies
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Neuropathies  WK 835 
Diabetic Polyneuropathy  see Diabetic Neuropathies
Mesh BrowserDiabetic Retinopathy  WK 835 
Diabetic Vascular Complications  see Diabetic Angiopathies
Diabetic Vascular Diseases  see Diabetic Angiopathies
Diacetylmorphine  see Heroin
Diagnoses and Laboratory Examinations  see Clinical Laboratory Techniques
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis  WB 141-293 
General  WB 141
Aged  WT 141
Breast diseases  WP 815
Cardiovascular diseases  WG 141
Ear diseases  WV 210
Endocrine system diseases  WK 140
Eye diseases  WW 141-145
Gastrointestinal diseases  WI 141
Gynecologic diseases  WP 141
Infant or child  WS 141
Intellectual disability  WM 304
Mental disorders  WM 141
Musculoskeletal system  WE 141
Neoplasms  QZ 241
Nervous system diseases  WL 141
Otorhinolaryngologic diseases  WV 150
Physical  WB 200-288
See also Physical Examination WB 205, etc.
Pregnancy  WQ 202
Pregnancy Tests QY 335
Sex Determination Analysis WQ 206
See also Pregnancy Complications WQ 240
Prenatal see Prenatal Diagnosis  WQ 209
Radioisotope  WN 445
Radioscopic see Fluoroscopy  WN 220
Respiratory tract diseases  WF 141
Signs and symptoms  WB 143
Skin diseases  WR 141
Thoracic diseases  WF 975
Tooth diseases  WU 141
Tuberculosis  WF 220-225
Urologic  WJ 141
For diagnosis of other diseases see specific headings or general works number for disease, organ or system
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis, Computer-Assisted
General  WB 141
Used for diagnosis of particular disorders, with the disorder or system
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis, Differential  WB 141.5 
Infant or child  WS 141
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis, Dual (Psychiatry)
General  WM 270
Emphasis on mental disorders  WM 141
Specific mental disorder, with the disorder, e.g., Schizophrenia WM 203
Emphasis on substance-related disorders  WM 270
Specific substance-related disorder, with the disorder, e.g., Alcohol-Related Disorders WM 274
Diagnosis, Immunological  see Immunologic Tests
Diagnosis, Nursing  see Nursing Diagnosis
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis, Oral  WU 141 
See also Radiography, Dental
Diagnosis, Prenatal  see Prenatal Diagnosis
Mesh BrowserDiagnosis-Related Groups  WX 157.8 
For health insurance plans  W 100-275
Diagnosis, Surgical  see Diagnostic Techniques, Surgical
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Equipment
General  WB 26
Equipment and Supplies, Hospital  WX 147
See also indentions under Equipment and Supplies
(Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Errors  WB 141 
In special fields, in the diagnosis number for the field
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Imaging  WN 180 
Dental  WN 230
Infant or child (General)  WN 240
Imaging of a system or organs of the system WS 260-342
Specific technique, with the technique
Instrumentation  WN 150
See also Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
See also Phantoms, Imaging
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology  see Pathology, Molecular
Diagnostic Reagent Kits  see Reagent Kits, Diagnostic
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Services  WA 243 
Diagnostic Skin Tests  see Skin Tests
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques and Procedures
General works  WB 141
Aged  WT 141
Infant or child  WS 141
See also diagnostic techniques for specific organ systems, e.g., Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular  WG 141
See also names of specific diagnostic techniques
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular
General  WG 141
Echocardiography  WG 141.5.E2
See also specific diagnostic procedures, e.g., Angiocardiography  WG 141.5.A3
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Digestive System  WI 141 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Endocrine  WK 140 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Neurological  WL 141 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
Pregnancy Tests  QY 335
Prenatal Diagnosis  WQ 209
For gynecological conditions (General)  WP 141
For obstetrical conditions (General)  WQ 202
See also Pregnancy Complications WQ 240, etc.
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological  WW 141-145 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Otological  WV 210 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System  WF 141 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Surgical  WO 141 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Techniques, Urological  WJ 141 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Test Approval  WA 289 
Mesh BrowserDiagnostic Tests, Routine  WB 200 
Used for specific purposes, by subject
See also Reagent Kits, Diagnostic
Mesh BrowserDialysis
Biochemical technique  QU 25
Organic chemistry (General) QD 281.D47
See also Renal Dialysis  WJ 378, etc.
Dialysis, Extracorporeal  see Renal Dialysis
Dialysis, Renal  see Renal Dialysis
Diamine Oxidase  see Amine Oxidase (Copper-Containing)
Diaminodiphenylsulfone  see Dapsone
Diamorphine  see Heroin
Mesh BrowserDiaper Rash  WS 420-430 
Diaphanography  see Transillumination
Diaphanoscopy  see Transillumination
Mesh BrowserDiaphragm  WF 800-810 
Mesh BrowserDiaphragmatic Eventration  WF 800 
Diaphragmatic Hernia  see Hernia, Diaphragmatic
Diaphragmatic Hernia, Traumatic  see Hernia, Diaphragmatic, Traumatic
Diaphragmatic Paralysis  see Respiratory Paralysis
Diaphyseal Aclasis  see Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary
Mesh BrowserDiaries
Physicians and specialists of medically related fields  WZ 100
Special topics by subject
Mesh BrowserDiarrhea  WI 407 
Infant or child  WS 312
Veterinary SF 851
See also Antidiarrheals
Mesh BrowserDiarrhea, Infantile  WS 312 
Diarsenol  see Arsphenamine
Diastase  see Amylases
Diastematomyelia  see Neural Tube Defects
Mesh BrowserDiastole  WG 280 
Mesh BrowserDiathermy  WB 510 
Surgical see Electrocoagulation  WO 198
Diathermy, Surgical  see Electrocoagulation
Diathesis  see Disease Susceptibility
Diathetic Disease  see Disease Susceptibility
Mesh BrowserDiatrizoate
As contrast medium  WN 160
Organic chemistry QD 341.A2
Mesh BrowserDiazepam  QV 77.9 
See also Receptors, GABA-A
Mesh BrowserDiazinon
Public health  WA 240
Diazotrophy  see Nitrogen Fixation
Mesh BrowserDiazoxide  QV 151 
Mesh BrowserDibekacin  QV 250 
Mesh BrowserDibenzazepines
As antidepressive agents  QV 77.5
Organic chemistry QD 401
Dibothriocephalus  see Diphyllobothrium
Dichlorodiethyl Sulfide  see Mustard Gas
Mesh BrowserDichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene  WA 240 
Mesh BrowserDichlorodiphenyldichloroethane  WA 240 
Dichloroethanes  see Ethylene Dichlorides
Mesh BrowserDichloroethylenes
Toxicology  QV 633.5.H3
Dichloromethane  see Methylene Chloride
Dichloromethyl Ether  see Bis(Chloromethyl) Ether
Mesh BrowserDichotic Listening Tests  WV 272 
Mesh BrowserDiclofenac
Biochemistry  QU 98
As an analgesic  QV 95
Diclophenac  see Diclofenac
Dicrostonyx  see Arvicolinae
Mesh BrowserDictionaries as Topic
As subject, in appropriate LC number
See also Dictionary
Mesh BrowserDictionary
Anesthesia  WO 213
Aviation and Space Medicine  WD 703
Chemical QD 5
Classical DE 5
Embryology  QS 613
Forensic medicine or dentistry  W 613
Histology  QS 513
Immunology  QW 513
Medical  W 13
Polygot P 361
(Form number 13 in any NLM schedule where applicable, except WB 13)
Mesh BrowserDictyocaulus  QX 248 
Dictyoptera  see Cockroaches
Mesh BrowserDictyostelium  QX 55 
Dictyostelium discoideum  see Dictyostelium
Didelphidae  see Opossums
Dideoxykanamycin B  see Dibekacin
Mesh BrowserDieldrin  WA 240 
Mesh BrowserDiencephalon  WL 312 
Diesel Exhaust  see Vehicle Emissions
Mesh BrowserDiet  QT 235 
General (from birth through adolescence) WS 115
Adolescent WS 115
Child WS 130
Infant WS 120-125
Cookbooks  WB 405-447
Diabetic see Diabetic Diet  WK 818-819
In disease see Diet Therapy  WB 400-449
In Oral Health  WU 113.7
Low sodium see Diet, Sodium-Restricted  WB 424
Raw food  WB 432
See also names of particular foods used in special diets
See also names of specific diets, e.g., Diet, Vegetarian
See also particular diseases for which diet is prescribed
See also Cooking
Mesh BrowserDiet, Atherogenic  WG 550 
See also Cholesterol, Dietary
Mesh BrowserDiet, Carbohydrate-Restricted  WB 427 
Mesh BrowserDiet, Cariogenic  WU 113.7 
See also Cariogenic Agents
Diet, Chemically Defined  see Food, Formulated
Diet, Diabetic  see Diabetic Diet
Diet, Elemental  see Food, Formulated
Mesh BrowserDiet Fads
General  WB 449
Historical works  WB 449
Diet, Fat-Free  see Diet, Fat-Restricted
Mesh BrowserDiet, Fat-Restricted  WB 425 
Diet, Formula  see Food, Formulated
Diet, Low-Fat  see Diet, Fat-Restricted
Diet, Low-Salt  see Diet, Sodium-Restricted
Diet, Low-Sodium  see Diet, Sodium-Restricted
Mesh BrowserDiet, Macrobiotic  WB 422 
Mesh BrowserDiet, Mediterranean
As normal dietary practice  QT 235
Used therapeutically to treat or prevent disease  WB 400
Mesh BrowserDiet, Reducing  WD 210-212 
Popular works  WD 212
Diet, Salt-Free  see Diet, Sodium-Restricted
Mesh BrowserDiet, Sodium-Restricted  WB 424 
Cooking  WB 424
Mesh BrowserDiet Surveys  QU 146 
Diet, Synthetic  see Food, Formulated
Mesh BrowserDiet Therapy  WB 400-449 
Infant or child  WS 366
Diet, Vegan  see Diet, Vegetarian
Mesh BrowserDiet, Vegetarian
As normal dietary practice  QT 235
Used therapeutically to treat or prevent disease  WB 430
Dietary Calcium  see Calcium, Dietary
Mesh BrowserDietary Carbohydrates
General  QU 75
Cooking for carbohydrate control  WB 427
See also Diet, Reducing WD 210-212
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 427
Dietary Cholesterol  see Cholesterol, Dietary
Mesh BrowserDietary Fats
General  QU 86
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 425
See also Butter
See also Cholesterol, Dietary
See also Diet, Reducing
See also Margarine
Mesh BrowserDietary Fats, Unsaturated
General  QU 86
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 425
Mesh BrowserDietary Fiber  QU 83 
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 427
Dietary Formulations  see Food, Formulated
Dietary Habits  see Food Habits
Dietary Iron  see Iron, Dietary
Dietary Modification  see Food Habits
Dietary Oils  see Dietary Fats, Unsaturated
Dietary Plant Proteins  see Vegetable Proteins
Mesh BrowserDietary Proteins
General  QU 55.4
Cooking for protein control  WB 426
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 426
See also Protein Deficiency
Mesh BrowserDietary Services
Hospitals  WX 168
See also Food Service, Hospital WX 168
Public health aspects  WA 695-722
See also Dietetics  WB 400, etc.
See also Food Services  WA 350, etc.
Dietary Sodium  see Sodium, Dietary
Dietary Sodium Chloride  see Sodium Chloride, Dietary
Dietary Soybean Proteins  see Soybean Proteins
Mesh BrowserDietary Sucrose  QU 83 
As a sweetening agent  WA 712
Dietary Sugars  see Dietary Sucrose
Dietary Supplementation  see Dietary Supplements
Mesh BrowserDietary Supplements  QU 145.5 
See also names of specific supplements, e.g., Vitamins  QU 160-220, etc.
Mesh BrowserDietetics  WB 400 
General (from birth through adolescence) WS 115
Adolescent WS 115
Child WS 130
Infant WS 120
See also Dietary Services
See also Food Service, Hospital
Diethyl Ether  see Ether, Ethyl
Diethyldithiocarbamate  see Ditiocarb
Diethylnicotinamid  see Nikethamide
Mesh BrowserDiethylnitrosamine
As a carcinogen  QZ 202
Mesh BrowserDiethylstilbestrol  WP 522 
Dietotherapy  see Diet Therapy
Differential Diagnosis  see Diagnosis, Differential
Differential Leukocyte Count  see Leukocyte Count
Mesh BrowserDifferential Thermal Analysis QD 79.T38
Of a particular substance, with the substance
Differentiation Antigens  see Antigens, Differentiation
Differentiation Antigens, B-Cell  see Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
Differentiation Antigens, B-Lymphocyte  see Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
Differentiation Antigens, Hairy Cell Leukemia  see Antigens, Differentiation
Differentiation Antigens, Leukocyte, Human  see Antigens, CD
Differentiation Markers  see Antigens, Differentiation
Difficult Labor  see Dystocia
Mesh BrowserDiffuse Cerebral Sclerosis of Schilder  WL 348 
Diffuse, Large B-Cell, Lymphoma  see Lymphoma, Large B-Cell, Diffuse
Diffuse Myofascial Pain Syndrome  see Fibromyalgia
Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases  see Lung Diseases, Interstitial
Diffusely Adherent Escherichia coli  see Escherichia coli
Mesh BrowserDiffusion
Biochemistry  QU 34
Biophysics  QT 34
Solution chemistry QD 543
Mesh BrowserDiffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging  WN 185 
Used in diagnosis of particular disease with the disease, organ or region
Mesh BrowserDiffusion of Innovation
Special topics, by subject
See also Information Dissemination
Mesh BrowserDiflucortolone
As a dermatologic agent  QV 60
Mesh BrowserDiflunisal  QV 95 
Digenic Acid  see Kainic Acid
Digestants  see Gastrointestinal Agents
Mesh BrowserDigestion  WI 102 
Liver function in  WI 704
Digestive Epilepsy  see Epilepsies, Partial
Digestive Physiology  see Digestive System Physiological Phenomena
Mesh BrowserDigestive System  WI 
General works  WI 100
Anatomy  WI 101
Animal SF 851
Infant or child  WS 310
Manifestations of disease  WI 143
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Abnormalities  WI 101 
Infant or child  WS 310
Digestive System Cancer  see Digestive System Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Diseases
General  WI 140
Diagnosis  WI 141
General Surgery  WI 900
Infant or child  WS 310
Nursing  WY 156.5
Signs and symptoms see Signs and Symptoms, Digestive  WI 143
Digestive System Endoscopic Surgical Procedures  see Endoscopy, Digestive System
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Fistula  WI 140 
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Neoplasms
General  WI 149
Nursing  WY 156
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Physiological Phenomena  WI 102 
Mesh BrowserDigestive System Surgical Procedures  WI 900 
Infant or child  WS 310
Digestive Tract  see Gastrointestinal Tract
Digital Dental Radiography, Direct  see Radiography, Dental, Digital
Digital Radiography  see Radiographic Image Enhancement
Digital Radiography, Dental  see Radiography, Dental, Digital
Digital Signal Processing  see Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Mesh BrowserDigitalis  QV 766-770 
See also Digitalis Glycosides
Mesh BrowserDigitalis Glycosides  QV 153 
Dihydrodiethylstilbestrol  see Hexestrol
Mesh BrowserDihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase  QU 140 
Dihydropteridine Reductase Deficiency Disease  see Phenylketonurias
Mesh BrowserDihydroxyphenylalanine  WK 725 
See also Dopamine
Diiodotyrosine Receptors  see Receptors, Thyroid Hormone
Diisocyanatotoluene  see Toluene 2,4-Diisocyanate
Diketopregnanes  see Pregnanediones
Mesh BrowserDilatation
Of the cervix
Obstetrical surgery WQ 400
Physiology WQ 305
Of the pupil  WW 240
Mesh BrowserDilatation and Curettage  WP 470 
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserDilatation, Pathologic
Of the blood vessels  WG 578
Of the colon see Megacolon  WI 528
Of the heart see Cardiomegaly  WG 210
Of the pupil see Mydriasis  WW 240
Of the stomach see Gastric Dilatation  WI 300
Of other specific parts, with the part
Dilatation, Transluminal Arterial  see Angioplasty, Balloon
Dilated Cardiomyopathy  see Cardiomyopathy, Dilated
Mesh BrowserDiltiazem  QV 150 
Dilution Techniques  see Indicator Dilution Techniques
Mesh BrowserDimenhydrinate  QV 73 
Mesh BrowserDimethyl Sulfoxide  QV 60 
Dimethylaminoazobenzene  see p-Dimethylaminoazobenzene
Dimethylcysteine  see Penicillamine
Dimethylguanylguanidine  see Metformin
Dimexide  see Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Mesh BrowserDinitrochlorobenzene
Toxicology  QV 633.5.B4
Mesh BrowserDinitrophenols
As fungicides  WA 240, etc.
Toxicology  QV 632
Mesh BrowserDinoflagellida  QX 50 
Mesh BrowserDinoprost
As an abortifacient agent  QV 175
Biochemistry  QU 91
Diodone  see Iodopyracet
Mesh BrowserDiosgenin  QU 95 
Diothane Hydrochloride  see Anesthetics, Local
Mesh BrowserDioxanes  WA 240 
As a carcinogen  QZ 202
Mesh BrowserDioxins
General  WA 240
Organic chemistry QD 405
As the cause of a specific disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDioxoles
As pesticides  WA 240
Organic chemistry QD 405
Dioxygen  see Oxygen
Dipeptidyl Peptidases  see Dipeptidyl-Peptidases and Tripeptidyl-Peptidases
Mesh BrowserDipeptidyl-Peptidases and Tripeptidyl-Peptidases  QU 136 
Diphasic Milk Fever Virus  see Encephalitis Viruses, Tick-Borne
Mesh BrowserDiphenhydramine  QV 157 
Diphenhydramine Theoclate  see Dimenhydrinate
Diphenyl Oxides  see Phenyl Ethers
Mesh BrowserDiphenylamine
Toxicology  QV 632
Diphenylbutazone  see Phenylbutazone
Diphenylhydantoin  see Phenytoin
Diphenylhydramin  see Diphenhydramine
Mesh BrowserDiphosphates  QV 285 
Diphosphopyridine Nucleotide  see NAD
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria  WC 320 
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria Antitoxin  WC 320 
Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis Vaccines  WC 320 
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine  WC 320 
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine  WC 320 
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria Toxin  WC 320 
See also Diphtheria Toxoid
Mesh BrowserDiphtheria Toxoid  WC 320 
See also Diphtheria Toxin
See also Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
Diphtheria Vaccine  see Diphtheria Toxoid
Mesh BrowserDiphyllobothrium  QX 400 
Diplegic Infantile Cerebral Palsy  see Cerebral Palsy
Mesh BrowserDiplopia  WW 410 
Dipodidae  see Rodentia
Dipropyl Acetate  see Valproic Acid
Mesh BrowserDiptera  QX 505 
Dipylidiasis  see Cestode Infections
Mesh BrowserDipyridamole  QV 150 
Mesh BrowserDipyrone  QV 95 
Direct Antithrombins  see Antithrombins
Mesh BrowserDirect Service Costs
By subject, in economics number where applicable
Directed Reverie Therapy  see Imagery (Psychotherapy)
Directories  see Directory
Mesh BrowserDirectory
Anesthesiology  WO 222
Embryology  QS 622
Forensic medicine or dentistry  W 622
Histology  QS 522
Immunology  QW 522
Optometry  WW 722
Pharmacies  QV 722
Toxicology  QV 605
(Form number 22 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Resource Guides
Mesh BrowserDirofilaria immitis  QX 301 
Mesh BrowserDirofilariasis  WC 880 
Disabilities, Developmental  see Developmental Disabilities
Disability Compensation  see Workers' Compensation
Mesh BrowserDisability Evaluation
Medicolegal aspects of insurance  W 900
Medicolegal aspects of occupational disease and injury  W 925
Evaluation in special fields, with the number for legislation in the field, e.g., In Ophthalmology WW 32
Other special topics, by subject, e.g., Epilepsy  WL 385
See also Veterans Disability Claims  W 900-925
Disability Insurance  see Insurance, Disability
Disability, Intellectual  see Intellectual Disability
Disability Leave  see Sick Leave
Mesh BrowserDisabled Children
Education LC 4001-4806.5
Institutes for  WS 23-24
Psychological problems  WS 105.5.H2
Readers for disabled children PE 1126.D4
Mentally retarded WS 107.5.R3
Physically disabled WS 368
Mesh BrowserDisabled Persons
Consumer rights HD 7255-7256
Adults LC 4812-4827
Mentally disabled LC 4815-4815.5
Disabled Children LC 4001-4806.5
Psychological problems
Special problems, by subject, e.g., Neurotic Disorders WM 170-184
Disabled Children WS 105.5.H2
Psychotherapy, Group WM 430.5.H2
Rehabilitation  WB 320
Adults WB 320
Disabled Children WS 368
Sociological aspects only HD 7255-7256
See also other entries under Rehabilitation or names of disabilities
Sociological aspects HV 1551-3024
Mentally disabled HV 3005.5
Physically disabled HV 3022
Vocational guidance
Mentally disabled HV 3005
Physically disabled HV 3018-3019
See also names of specific disabilities and groups, e. g.,
Disabled Children
Hearing Impaired Persons
Visually Impaired Persons
See also Dental Care for Disabled
See also Early Intervention (Education)
See also Education, Special
See also Mainstreaming (Education)
See also Mentally Disabled Persons
See also Rehabilitation
See also Self-Help Devices
Mesh BrowserDisaster Medicine  WA 295 
See also Disaster Planning
See also Disasters
Mesh BrowserDisaster Planning
Hospital programs  WX 186
Public health aspects  WA 295
For specific types of disaster by subject
See also special topics under Disasters
See also Civil Defense  WA 295
See also Disaster Medicine  WA 295
Mesh BrowserDisasters
Economic aspects HC 79.D45
First aid  WA 292
Hospital emergency service  WX 186
Hospital programs see Disaster Planning  WX 186, etc.
Medical emergencies  WA 295
Nursing  WY 154.2
Public health aspects  WA 295
Specific types of disaster, by subject
See also Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
See also Civil Defense
See also Disaster Medicine
See also Relief Work
Disc, Herniated  see Intervertebral Disc Displacement
Disc, Temporomandibular Joint  see Temporomandibular Joint Disc
Discharge Planning  see Patient Discharge
Disclosure, Truth  see Truth Disclosure
Discolysis  see Intervertebral Disc Chemolysis
Discretionary Adjustment Factor  see Prospective Payment System
Mesh BrowserDiscriminant Analysis QA 278.65
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserDiscrimination Learning
General psychology BF 318
Animal QL 785
Mesh BrowserDiscrimination (Psychology) BF 223
Mesh BrowserDisease
General manifestations  QZ 140-190
Degenerative processes QZ 180
Pathogenesis  QZ 40-109
Bacterial QZ 65
Special topics, by subject, e.g., endocrine aspects of disease processes  WK 140
Disease Costs  see Cost of Illness
Disease Frequency Surveys  see Cross-Sectional Studies
Mesh BrowserDisease Management  W 84.7 
Mesh BrowserDisease Models, Animal  QY 58 
For a specific organ or system, in the research number for that system
For use with specific diseases, class with the specific disease
See also Animals, Laboratory
Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs  see Antirheumatic Agents
Disease-Modifying Second-Line Drugs  see Antirheumatic Agents
Mesh BrowserDisease Notification  WA 55 
Of a specific disease with the disease
See also Mandatory Reporting
Mesh BrowserDisease Outbreaks  WA 105 
Cholera  WC 264
History  WA 11
Plague  WC 350-355
Smallpox  WC 590
Statistics and surveys  WA 900
Typhus  WC 610
Veterinary SF 781
Yellow fever  WC 532
See also Communicable Diseases
Mesh BrowserDisease Reservoirs  WA 106 
Endemic to a particular locality  WB 710
Pathogenesis  QZ 40
See also names of particular diseases
See also Carrier State
See also Disease Vectors
See also Zoonoses
Mesh BrowserDisease Resistance  QW 541 
Mesh BrowserDisease Susceptibility  QZ 50 
Disease Transmission, Patient-to-Professional  see Infectious Disease Transmission, Patient-to-Professional
Disease Transmission, Professional-to-Patient  see Infectious Disease Transmission, Professional-to-Patient
Mesh BrowserDisease Transmission, Infectious  WA 110 
Epidemiological aspects  WA 110
Insect vectors  QX 650
Mechanisms  QW 700
Of a specific disease, with the disease
See also Communicable Diseases
Mesh BrowserDisease Vectors
Bacteriology  QW 700
Arthropod Vectors QX 460, etc.
Insect Vectors QX 650
Public health aspects  WA 110
See also Insect Control QX 600
See also Disease Reservoirs
Mesh BrowserDiseases in Twins  QZ 50 
Particular deseases, with the disease
See also Twins
Disgerminoma  see Dysgerminoma
Mesh BrowserDisinfectants
General  QV 250
Specific substance, with substance
Disinfectants, Contact Lens  see Contact Lens Solutions
Mesh BrowserDisinfection
In hospitals  WX 165
In preventive medicine  WA 240
In surgery  WO 113
Disinfection, Hand  see Hand Disinfection
Disk, Herniated  see Intervertebral Disc Displacement
Disk, Intervertebral  see Intervertebral Disc
Disk, Temporomandibular Joint  see Temporomandibular Joint Disc
Dislocation, Tooth  see Tooth Avulsion
Mesh BrowserDislocations  WE 175 
Hip see Hip Dislocation  WE 860
Jaw  WU 610
Knee see Knee Dislocation  WE 870
Patella see Patellar Dislocation  WE 870
Shoulder see Shoulder Dislocation  WE 810
Tooth see Tooth Avulsion  WU 158
Of other specific bones or joints, with the bone or joint
Mesh BrowserDisopyramide  QV 150 
Mesh BrowserDisorders of Excessive Somnolence
General  WL 108
Psychological aspects  WM 188
Disorders of Initiating and Maintaining Sleep  see Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Mesh BrowserDisorders of Sex Development  WJ 712 
See also Transsexualism
Disorders of Sexual Development  see Disorders of Sex Development
Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System  see Autonomic Nervous System Diseases
Disparities, Healthcare  see Healthcare Disparities
Dispensaries, Outpatient  see Outpatient Clinics, Hospital
Mesh BrowserDispensatories  QV 740 
Dispensing Fees  see Prescription Fees
Mesh BrowserDisplacement (Psychology)  WM 193.5.D5 
Adolescent  WS 463
Infant or child  WS 350.8.D3
Mesh BrowserDisposable Equipment  W 26 
Disruptive Behavior Disorder  see Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Dissecting Vertebral Artery Aneurysm  see Vertebral Artery Dissection
Mesh BrowserDissection
Laws  QS 132
Manuals  QS 130
Veterinary SF 762
Mesh BrowserDisseminated Intravascular Coagulation  WH 322 
Mesh BrowserDissertations, Academic as Topic
General bibliography Z 5053-Z 5055
Classify specific topics by subject
Dissociation  see Dissociative Disorders
Mesh BrowserDissociative Disorders  WM 173.6 
Dissociative Identity Disorder  see Multiple Personality Disorder
Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis  see Acidosis, Renal Tubular
Distance Education  see Education, Distance
Distance Learning  see Education, Distance
Mesh BrowserDistance Perception  WW 105 
Mesh BrowserDistemper Virus, Canine  QW 168.5.P2 
Distraction Osteogenesis  see Osteogenesis, Distraction
Distributed Systems  see Computer Communication Networks
Mesh BrowserDisulfides  QV 280 
Mesh BrowserDisulfiram
Organic chemistry QD 305.S3
Used for other particular purposes, by subject.
Used in treatment of alcoholism  WM 274
Mesh BrowserDitiocarb
As a chelating agent  QV 290
Mesh BrowserDiuresis  WJ 303 
See also Diuretics
See also Osmolar Concentration
Mesh BrowserDiuretics  QV 160 
See also Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Diurnal Rhythm  see Circadian Rhythm
Divalproex  see Valproic Acid
Divers' Paralysis  see Decompression Sickness
Mesh BrowserDiverticulitis  WI 425 
Mesh BrowserDiverticulitis, Colonic  WI 425 
Diverticulosis  see Diverticulum
Mesh BrowserDiverticulosis, Colonic  WI 425 
Mesh BrowserDiverticulosis, Esophageal  WI 250 
See also Diverticulum, Esophageal  WI 250
Diverticulosis, Gastric  see Diverticulosis, Stomach
Mesh BrowserDiverticulosis, Stomach  WI 300 
Mesh BrowserDiverticulum  WI 425 
Mesh BrowserDiverticulum, Colon  WI 425 
Mesh BrowserDiverticulum, Esophageal  WI 250 
See also Diverticulosis, Esophageal
Mesh BrowserDiving
Anoxia associated with  WD 650
As a sport  QT 260.5.D6
Biomedical aspects  WD 650
Industrial accidents  WA 485
See also Decompression Sickness
See also Inert Gas Narcosis
Mesh BrowserDivorce HQ 811-960.7
Counseling  WM 55
Effect on adolescents  WS 462
Effect on children  WS 105.5.F2
See also Maternal Deprivation WS 105.5.D3
See also Paternal Deprivation WS 105.5.D3
Mesh BrowserDizziness  WL 340 
See also Vertigo
DMARD  see Antirheumatic Agents
Mesh BrowserDMF Index  WU 30 
DMSO  see Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Mesh BrowserDNA  QU 58.5 
See also Genetic Code  QU 470
See also Nucleic Acid Hybridization
DNA Amplification Techniques  see Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques
Mesh BrowserDNA, Antisense  QU 58.5 
Mesh BrowserDNA, Bacterial  QW 51 
Mesh BrowserDNA-Binding Proteins  QU 58.5 
See also DNA Replication
DNA Computers  see Computers, Molecular
Mesh BrowserDNA Damage  QU 477 
See also Mutation
DNA Data Bank of Japan  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
DNA Data Banks  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
DNA Databases  see Databases, Nucleic Acid
DNA-Dependent DNA Polymerases  see DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase
DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerases  see DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases
Mesh BrowserDNA-Directed DNA Polymerase  QU 141 
Mesh BrowserDNA-Directed RNA Polymerases  QU 141 
DNA, Double-Stranded  see DNA
Mesh BrowserDNA Fingerprinting
General  QU 550.5.D6
Used in identification of the dead  W 800
Used in identification of the living  W 786
See also Databases, Nucleic Acid
See also Genetic Privacy
DNA Fingerprints  see DNA Fingerprinting
Mesh BrowserDNA, Fungal  QW 180 
Mesh BrowserDNA Helicases  QU 137 
DNA Helix Destabilizing Proteins  see DNA-Binding Proteins
DNA Injury  see DNA Damage
DNA Insertion Elements  see DNA Transposable Elements
DNA Library  see Gene Library
DNA Markers  see Genetic Markers
Mesh BrowserDNA Methylation  QU 58.5 
See also Epigenesis, Genetic
See also Gene Silencing
DNA Microarrays  see Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Mesh BrowserDNA Mutational Analysis  QU 58.5 
Mesh BrowserDNA, Neoplasm  QZ 200 
Mesh BrowserDNA Nucleotidylexotransferase  QU 141 
DNA Polymerases  see DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase
Mesh BrowserDNA Probes  QU 58.5 
DNA Profiling  see DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Rearrangement  see Gene Rearrangement
Mesh BrowserDNA, Recombinant  QU 58.5 
Ethical emphasis  WB 60
See also Genetic Engineering
See also Genetic Vectors
DNA Recombinant Proteins  see Recombinant Proteins
Mesh BrowserDNA Repair  QU 475 
Biochemistry  QU 58.5
Mesh BrowserDNA Replication  QU 475 
Biochemistry  QU 58.5
See also Virus Replication
Mesh BrowserDNA Restriction Enzymes  QU 136 
Mesh BrowserDNA, Satellite  QU 58.5 
DNA Sequence  see Base Sequence
DNA Sequence Analysis  see Sequence Analysis, DNA
Mesh BrowserDNA, Single-Stranded  QU 58.5 
Phages  QW 161
Mesh BrowserDNA Topoisomerases  QU 137 
Mesh BrowserDNA Transposable Elements  QU 470 
See also DNA, Recombinant
See also Plasmids
DNA Transposons  see DNA Transposable Elements
Mesh BrowserDNA Tumor Viruses  QW 166 
Directory of research  QW 22
DNA Typing  see DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Unwinding Proteins  see DNA Helicases
DNA Vaccines  see Vaccines, DNA
Mesh BrowserDNA, Viral  QW 160 
Mesh BrowserDNA Virus Infections
General  WC 500
See also specific infection
Mesh BrowserDNA Viruses
General works  QW 165
See also names of specific viruses
See also DNA, Viral
DNAase  see Deoxyribonucleases
DNase  see Deoxyribonucleases
DNCB  see Dinitrochlorobenzene
Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders  see Resuscitation Orders
Dobrava-Belgrade Virus  see Hantavirus
Mesh BrowserDobutamine
DOCA  see Desoxycorticosterone
Docosenoic Acids  see Erucic Acids
Doctor-Patient Relations  see Physician-Patient Relations
Mesh BrowserDocumentation Z 1001
See also Records as Topic
Mesh BrowserDog Diseases SF 991-992
Dog Heartworm  see Dirofilaria immitis
Mesh BrowserDogfish QL 638.95.S84
Mesh BrowserDogs
Anatomy SF 767.D6
As laboratory animals  QY 60.D6
Domestic SF 421-440.2
Wild QL 737.C22
Mesh BrowserDolphins QL 737.C432
Domestic Polecats  see Ferrets
Mesh BrowserDomestic Violence
General and public health aspects  WA 308
Counseling  WM 55
Forensic medicine  W 860
Psychological and psychiatric aspects of abuser  WM 600-605
Psychology of victims see Crime Victims  WM 167
Special topics by subject
See also Sex Offenses
Domiciliary Care  see Home Care Services
Mesh BrowserDominance, Cerebral
General  WL 335
See also Aphasia
See also Functional Laterality  WL 335
Dominance Hierarchy  see Social Dominance
Mesh BrowserDominance, Ocular  WW 103 
Dominance, Social  see Social Dominance
Mesh BrowserDominance-Subordination
In animals QL 775
Sociology HM 1106
Donor Screening  see Donor Selection
Mesh BrowserDonor Selection
For transplantation (General)  WO 660
For specific organs, in the surgery number for the organ, or lacking that, in the general number for the organ
Donors, Living  see Living Donors
Donovanosis  see Granuloma Inguinale
Dopa  see Dihydroxyphenylalanine
Mesh BrowserDopamine  WK 725 
See also Dopamine Agents
See also Levodopa
See also Receptors, Dopamine
Mesh BrowserDopamine Agents  QV 76.5 
Dopamine Receptors  see Receptors, Dopamine
Mesh BrowserDoping in Sports  QT 260 
See also Performance-Enhancing Substances
Doppler Echocardiography  see Echocardiography, Doppler
Doppler Echocardiography, Color  see Echocardiography, Doppler, Color
Doppler Echocardiography, Pulsed  see Echocardiography, Doppler, Pulsed
Mesh BrowserDoppler Effect
Biophysics  QT 34
Health physics  WN 110
Special topics, by subject
Doppler Shift  see Doppler Effect
Doppler Sonography, Transcranial  see Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial
Doppler Transcranial Sonography  see Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial
Doppler Transcranial Ultrasonography  see Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial
Doppler Ultrasonography, Transcranial  see Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial
Doppler Ultrasound  see Ultrasonics
Dorsal Roots  see Spinal Nerve Roots
Mesh BrowserDosage Forms  QV 786 
See also names of specific forms
See also Drug Administration Routes
See also Drug Delivery Systems
Mesh BrowserDose Fractionation
Radioisotopes  WN 450
Radium  WN 340
X-rays  WN 250.5.X7
See also Radiation Dosage  WN 665
Mesh BrowserDose-Response Relationship, Radiation
Non-ionizing radiation  WB 460
Other specific types of radiation, by type
Radioisotopes  WN 450
Radium  WN 340
Ultraviolet rays  WB 480
X-rays  WN 250.5.X7
Specific disease treated, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDose-Response Relationship, Drug  QV 37 
Dosimetry Calculations, Computer-Assisted  see Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted
Dot Immunoblotting  see Immunoblotting
Mesh BrowserDouble Bind Interaction
In parent-child communication  WS 105.5.F2
In psychotherapy  WM 420
Other applications, by subject
Double Bind Theory  see Double Bind Interaction
Double-Stranded RNA  see RNA, Double-Stranded
Double Vision  see Diplopia
Doves  see Columbidae
Mesh BrowserDown Syndrome  WS 107 
Adult  WM 300
Downsizing, Staff  see Personnel Downsizing
Mesh BrowserDoxorubicin  QV 269 
DPN  see NAD
DPT Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
Dracunculus medinensis  see Dracunculus Nematode
Mesh BrowserDracunculus Nematode  QX 203 
Dragon Worm  see Dracunculus Nematode
Mesh BrowserDrainage  WO 188 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserDrainage, Sanitary  WA 670 
Drainage, Suction  see Suction
Mesh BrowserDrama
Related to medicine  WZ 330
Related to psychiatry  WM 49
Drama Therapy in Psychiatry  see Psychodrama
Mesh BrowserDrawings
(Form number 17 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Atlases
Mesh BrowserDreams
Infant or child  WS 105.5.D8
Parapsychology BF 1074-1099
Psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.D8
Sleep, Normal  WL 108
Dressing Apraxia  see Apraxias
Dressings  see Bandages
Dressings, Biological  see Biological Dressings
Dressings, Occlusive  see Occlusive Dressings
Dressings, Spray-On  see Occlusive Dressings
Dressings, Surgical  see Occlusive Dressings
DRG  see Diagnosis-Related Groups
Mesh BrowserDrinking  WI 102 
See also Alcohol Drinking  WM 274, etc.
See also Water Supply  WA 675-690
Drinking, Alcohol  see Alcohol Drinking
Mesh BrowserDrinking Behavior
Customs GT 2850-2930
Drip Infusions  see Infusions, Intravenous
Mesh BrowserDrive BF 501-505
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.M5
Psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.M6
See also Instinct
See also Motivation
Dromedary  see Camels
Dronabinol  see Tetrahydrocannabinol
Drop Attack  see Syncope
Dropsy  see Edema
Mesh BrowserDrosophila  QX 505 
Mesh BrowserDrowning
Resuscitation  WA 292
Statistics  WA 900
Swimming, accidents  QT 260.5.S9
See also Resuscitation
Drowsiness  see Sleep Stages
Drug Abuse  see Substance-Related Disorders
Drug Abuse, Intravenous  see Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Drug Abuse, Parenteral  see Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Drug Abuse, Sports  see Doping in Sports
Drug Abuse Testing  see Substance Abuse Detection
Drug Abuse Treatment Centers  see Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
Drug Abusers  see Drug Users
Drug Addiction  see Substance-Related Disorders
Drug Addicts  see Drug Users
Drug Administration, Bladder  see Administration, Intravesical
Drug Administration, Dermal  see Administration, Cutaneous
Drug Administration, Inhalation  see Administration, Inhalation
Drug Administration, Intranasal  see Administration, Intranasal
Drug Administration, Oral  see Administration, Oral
Drug Administration, Rectal  see Administration, Rectal
Drug Administration, Respiratory  see Administration, Inhalation
Mesh BrowserDrug Administration Routes  WB 340-356 
See also Dosage Forms
Mesh BrowserDrug Administration Schedule  WB 340 
For particular diseases, with the disease
See also Chronotherapy  WB 340
Drug Administration, Topical  see Administration, Topical
Drug Adulteration  see Drug Contamination
Drug Aerosol Therapy  see Administration, Inhalation
Mesh BrowserDrug and Narcotic Control
Laws (sales)  QV 32-33
Laws (use)  WM 32-33
Sociological aspects HV 5800-5840
Special topics, by subject
See also Substance-Related Disorders
Mesh BrowserDrug Antagonism  QV 37.5 
See also Narcotic Antagonists
Mesh BrowserDrug Approval  QV 771 
See also Drugs, Investigational
Drug Approval Process  see Drug Approval
Drug Benefit Plans  see Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services
Mesh BrowserDrug Carriers  QV 785 
Drug Catalogs  see Catalogs, Drug
Mesh BrowserDrug Combinations
General  QV 785
For specific diseases with the disease
See also names of specific drugs and types of drugs
See also Drug Synergism
See also Drug Therapy, Combination  WB 330, etc.
Drug Combinations, Antineoplastic  see Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols
Mesh BrowserDrug Compounding  QV 779 
Drug Containers and Closures  see Drug Packaging
Mesh BrowserDrug Contamination
Fraud  QV 773
Legislation and jurisprudence  QV 32-33
Public health aspects  WA 730
Mesh BrowserDrug Costs  QV 736 
Mesh BrowserDrug Delivery Systems
General  QV 785
Drug therapy  WB 340
See also Dosage Forms
See also Drug Administration Routes
See also Drug Carriers
Drug Delivery Systems, Implantable  see Infusion Pumps, Implantable
Drug Dependence  see Substance-Related Disorders
Mesh BrowserDrug Design  QV 745 
See also Designer Drugs
Drug Detoxication, Metabolic  see Metabolic Detoxication, Drug
Mesh BrowserDrug Discovery  QV 745 
Mesh BrowserDrug Dosage Calculations  QV 748 
Handbooks  QV 735
See also Pharmaceutical Preparations
Mesh BrowserDrug Eruptions  WR 165 
Mesh BrowserDrug Evaluation  QV 771-771.4 
See also Clinical Trials as Topic
See also Drug Evaluation, Preclinical
Mesh BrowserDrug Evaluation, Preclinical  QV 771 
See also Drug Evaluation  QV 771
See also Toxicity Tests
Drug Exanthems  see Drug Eruptions
Drug Formulation  see Chemistry, Pharmaceutical
Drug Habituation  see Substance-Related Disorders
Mesh BrowserDrug Hypersensitivity  WD 320 
Mesh BrowserDrug Implants
General  QV 786
Specific drug with the drug
See also Infusion Pumps, Implantable
Drug Impurity  see Drug Contamination
Mesh BrowserDrug Incompatibility  QV 746 
Mesh BrowserDrug Industry  QV 736 
Fraud  QV 773
See also Ethics, Pharmacy QV 21
Industrial Waste  WA 788
Occupational medicine  WA 400-495
See also Technology, Pharmaceutical
Mesh BrowserDrug Information Services
General  QV 26.5
Services in particular fields, by subject
Drug Infusion Systems  see Infusion Pumps
Drug Insurance  see Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services
Mesh BrowserDrug Interactions  QV 37.5 
See also Drug Toxicity
Drug Kinetics  see Pharmacokinetics
Mesh BrowserDrug Labeling  QV 835 
Drug Laws  see Legislation, Drug
Drug Modeling  see Drug Design
Mesh BrowserDrug Monitoring
Of drugs administered therapeutically  WB 330
See also Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Systems
See also Pharmacovigilance
Mesh BrowserDrug Overdose
General  QV 58
Related to substance abuse  WM 270-290
Particular drug, with the drug
Mesh BrowserDrug Packaging  QV 825 
Drug Potentiation  see Drug Synergism
Drug Precursors  see Prodrugs
Drug Preparation  see Drug Compounding
Mesh BrowserDrug Prescriptions
General  QV 748
By nurses  QV 748
Dental  WU 166
Veterinary SF 916.5
See also Legislation, Drug
Drug Pulse Therapy  see Pulse Therapy, Drug
Drug Reaction Reporting Systems, Adverse  see Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Systems
Drug Receptors  see Receptors, Drug
Drug Regulations  see Drug and Narcotic Control
Mesh BrowserDrug Residues
Food contamination  WA 701
Public health  WA 730
See also Pesticide Residues
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance
General  QW 45
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
See also specific drug resistance terms, e.g., Drug Resistance, Bacterial  QW 52
To particular drugs, with the drugs
See also Pharmacogenetics  QV 38
Drug Resistance, Antineoplastic  see Drug Resistance, Neoplasm
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Bacterial  QW 52 
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
Of particular organisms, with the organism
To particular drugs, with the drug
See also Anti-Bacterial Agents
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Fungal  QW 180 
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
Of particular organisms, with the organism
To particular drugs, with the drug
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Microbial  QW 45 
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
Of particular organisms, with the organism
To particular drugs, with the drug
See also Microbial Sensitivity Tests  QW 25.5.M6
See also R Factors  QW 51
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Multiple  QW 45 
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Neoplasm
In drug therapy (General)  QZ 267
In particular neoplasms, with the neoplasm
See also Antineoplastic Agents  QV 269, etc.
Mesh BrowserDrug Resistance, Viral  QW 160 
In drug therapy  WB 330
In particular diseases, with the disease
Of particular organisms, with the organism
To particular drugs, with the drug
Drug Screening  see Drug Evaluation, Preclinical
Mesh BrowserDrug Screening Assays, Antitumor
Used in testing antineoplastic agents  QV 269
Drug Screening Tests, Tumor-Specific  see Drug Screening Assays, Antitumor
Drug Sensitivity Assay, Microbial  see Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Mesh BrowserDrug Stability  QV 754 
Mesh BrowserDrug Storage  QV 754 
Public health aspects  WA 730
Drug Stores  see Pharmacies
Drug Surveillance, Postmarketing  see Product Surveillance, Postmarketing
Mesh BrowserDrug Synergism  QV 37.5 
See also Cocarcinogenesis
Drug Targeting  see Drug Delivery Systems
Mesh BrowserDrug Therapy
General  WB 330
Adverse effects  QV 56
Aged  WT 166
Infant or child  WS 366
Mental Disorders  WM 402
Infant or child WS 350.2
Neoplasms  QZ 267
Nursing (General)  WY 100
Background material by subject
For a particular disease, in the nursing number for the disease
Pregnancy  WQ 200
Pregnancy Complications  WQ 240
Veterinary SF 915-919.5
For particular diseases, with the disease
See also Medication Errors
Mesh BrowserDrug Therapy, Combination  WB 330 
Anti-neoplastic  QZ 267
For other particular diseases, with the disease
See also Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols
See also Drug Combinations  QV 785
See also Drug Synergism
Mesh BrowserDrug Tolerance  QV 37 
Mesh BrowserDrug Toxicity
General works  QV 600
Other special topics, by subject
Specific drugs with the drug
See also Drug Interactions
Drug Treatment Centers  see Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
Drug Use Disorders  see Substance-Related Disorders
Mesh BrowserDrug Users
General  WM 270
For specific drug, with the drug
Mesh BrowserDrug Utilization  WB 330 
Drug Withdrawal Symptoms  see Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
Drug-Food Interactions  see Food-Drug Interactions
Mesh BrowserDrug-Induced Liver Injury  WI 700 
Drugs  see Pharmaceutical Preparations
Mesh BrowserDrugs, Chinese Herbal  QV 766-770 
See also Herbal Medicine
Drugs, Dental  see Pharmaceutical Preparations, Dental
Mesh BrowserDrugs, Essential
General works  QV 704
Economic aspects  QV 736
Mesh BrowserDrugs, Generic
General  QV 55
Economics  QV 736
Standards  QV 771
Mesh BrowserDrugs, Investigational  QV 771-771.4 
See also Clinical Trials as Topic
See also Drug Evaluation
Drugs, Non-Prescription  see Nonprescription Drugs
Drugs, Nonproprietary  see Drugs, Generic
Drugs of Abuse  see Street Drugs
Drugs, Veterinary  see Veterinary Drugs
Drunkenness  see Alcoholic Intoxication
Mesh BrowserDry Eye Syndromes  WW 208 
DT Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine
DTaP Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis Vaccines
DTaP Vaccines  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis Vaccines
DTP Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
DTwP Vaccine  see Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine
Dual Diagnosis, Psychiatric  see Diagnosis, Dual (Psychiatry)
Dual Personality  see Multiple Personality Disorder
Dubin-Johnson Syndrome  see Jaundice, Chronic Idiopathic
Mesh BrowserDucks QL 696.A52
Diseases SF 995.2
Duct of Santorini  see Pancreatic Ducts
Duct of Wirsung  see Pancreatic Ducts
Mesh BrowserDuctus Arteriosus  WQ 210.5 
Mesh BrowserDuctus Arteriosus, Patent  WG 220 
See also Persistent Fetal Circulation Syndrome
Ductus Deferens  see Vas Deferens
Due Process  see Civil Rights
Mesh BrowserDuffy Blood-Group System  WH 420 
Duhring's Disease  see Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Mesh BrowserDumping Syndrome  WI 380 
Duncan's Syndrome  see Lymphoproliferative Disorders
Mesh BrowserDuodenal Diseases  WI 505 
Mesh BrowserDuodenal Neoplasms  WI 505 
Mesh BrowserDuodenal Obstruction  WI 505 
Duodenal Papilla, Major  see Ampulla of Vater
Duodenal Papilla, Minor  see Pancreatic Ducts
Duodenal Reflux  see Duodenogastric Reflux
Mesh BrowserDuodenal Ulcer  WI 370 
Mesh BrowserDuodenitis  WI 505 
Mesh BrowserDuodenogastric Reflux  WI 302 
Mesh BrowserDuodenoscopes  WI 26 
See also Duodenoscopy  WI 505
Duodenoscopic Surgical Procedures  see Duodenoscopy
Mesh BrowserDuodenoscopy  WI 505 
See also Duodenoscopes
Mesh BrowserDuodenum  WI 505 
Analysis  QY 130
Feeding by see Enteral Nutrition  WB 410
See also Duodenoscopy
Duplicating Processes  see Copying Processes
Mesh BrowserDupuytren Contracture  WE 830 
Dupuytren's Contracture  see Dupuytren Contracture
Mesh BrowserDura Mater  WL 200 
Durable Power of Attorney  see Living Wills
Dwarf Sperm Whale  see Whales
Mesh BrowserDwarfism
General  WE 250
See also Congenital Hypothyroidism  WK 252
Mesh BrowserDwarfism, Pituitary  WK 550 
Dwellings  see Housing
Mesh BrowserDye Dilution Technique  WG 141 
In hemodynamics  WG 106
Dye Exclusion Assays, Antitumor  see Drug Screening Assays, Antitumor
Dyes  see Coloring Agents
Dyes, Hair  see Hair Dyes
Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty  see Cardiomyoplasty
Mesh BrowserDysarthria  WL 340.2 
Psychogenic  WM 475
Dysarthria, Pseudobulbar  see Pseudobulbar Palsy
Mesh BrowserDysautonomia, Familial  WL 600 
Dyschondroplasias  see Osteochondrodysplasias
Dysembryoma  see Teratoma
Mesh BrowserDysentery  WC 280-285 
Veterinary SF 809.D87
Mesh BrowserDysentery, Amebic  WC 285 
Mesh BrowserDysentery, Bacillary  WC 282 
Dysesthesia  see Paresthesia
Mesh BrowserDysgammaglobulinemia  WD 308 
Mesh BrowserDysgerminoma  WP 322 
Dysgraphia  see Agraphia
Mesh BrowserDyskinesia, Drug-Induced  WL 390 
Dyskinesia, Medication-Induced  see Dyskinesia, Drug-Induced
Dyskinesia Syndromes  see Movement Disorders
Dyskinesia, Tardive  see Movement Disorders
Mesh BrowserDyskinesias
General works  WL 390
See also Movement Disorders
Mesh BrowserDyslexia
Neurologic  WL 340.6
Psychogenic  WM 475.6
Remedial teaching LB 1050.5
See also Learning Disorders
Mesh BrowserDyslexia, Acquired
Neurologic  WL 340.6
Psychogenic  WM 475.6
Remedial teaching LB 1050.5
Dyslexia, Congenital  see Dyslexia
Dyslexia, Developmental  see Dyslexia
Dyslipidemia  see Dyslipidemias
Mesh BrowserDyslipidemias  WD 200.5.H8 
Dyslipoproteinemias  see Dyslipidemias
Mesh BrowserDysmenorrhea  WP 560 
Dysmetria  see Cerebellar Ataxia
Dysmyelopoietic Syndromes  see Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Dysostosis, Craniofacial  see Craniofacial Dysostosis
Mesh BrowserDyspareunia  WP 610 
Mesh BrowserDyspepsia  WI 145 
Dysphagia  see Deglutition Disorders
Dysphasia  see Aphasia
Dysphasia, Broca  see Aphasia, Broca
Dysplasia Epiphysialis Punctata  see Chondrodysplasia Punctata
Mesh BrowserDysplastic Nevus Syndrome  WR 500 
Pathology  QZ 310
Mesh BrowserDyspnea  WF 143 
Mesh BrowserDyspnea, Paroxysmal  WG 370 
Dyspraxia  see Apraxias
Dyssocial Behavior  see Antisocial Personality Disorder
Mesh BrowserDyssomnias
General  WL 108
Psychological aspects  WM 188
Dyssynergia  see Ataxia
Mesh BrowserDysthymic Disorder  WM 171.5 
Mesh BrowserDystocia  WQ 310 
Mesh BrowserDystonia  WL 390 
See also Dystonia Musculorum Deformans
See also Dystonic Disorders
See also Torsion Abnormality
Mesh BrowserDystonia Musculorum Deformans  WE 550 
See also Dystonia
Mesh BrowserDystonic Disorders
General  WL 390
Infant or child  WS 340
Localized, by site or specific disorder
See also Dystonia  WL 390
Dystrophia Myotonica  see Myotonic Dystrophy

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