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DOCLINE -- Recommended browser settings

Question: Why do I see "Navigation cancelled" or "Unable to display webpage" messages when I try to use PubMed or LocatorPlus from within DOCLINE?


Users trying to access PubMed or LocatorPlus from within DOCLINE sometimes see error messages such as "navigation to web page cancelled" or "unable to display webpage".  This is partially due to the differing security levels of the systems; DOCLINE requires a log in while PubMed and LocatorPlus do not. 

Generally, this issue can be resolved by updating browsers to match DOCLINE recommended settings.  Setting for supported browsers are here:

After updating your settings, we recommend clearing your browser cache, then closing and reopening the browser.

Note: If the error still occurs after updating your settings, and you are using a supported browser, please try a different PC or browser to assist in pinpointing the problem. If the error occurs regardless of browser or PC, please contact DOCLINE Customer Support via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the DOCLINE screen, or use our problem report form, here:


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