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DOCLINE 2.7 - Action Items

DOCLINE 2.7 introduces several major enhancements to our users. In order to best utilize these features, please review the following list of suggested action items for libraries now that DOCLINE 2.7 is available. Click Help in the DOCLINE menu to access the updated online manual. Click FAQ to view the updated Frequently Asked Questions.

Library Groups

  • If you are the contact or lead person for a library group, please consider whether your library group continues to need the serial holdings union list products. If your library group does not need union list products, please notify your RML so that they can disable the future production of these system intensive reports.

Update Institution Record

  • Services & Fees (Institutions / Update / Services & Fees)

    • Fills Urgent Patient Care Request - indicate whether your library will provide service for urgent patient care requests. Urgent Patient Care requests should be processed and shipped immediately. The service level is intended for emergency / urgent clinical care for patients. Lenders should have the staffing necessary to frequently monitor DOCLINE for new requests, and must process all Urgent Patient Care requests received by the end of the day to avoid rerouting by Time-Triggered Actions.
    • Fills Rush Request - indicate whether your library will provide service for rush requests. Rush requests are defined as same day service. Lenders should have staffing necessary to periodically monitor DOCLINE for new requests, and must process all Rush requests received by the end of the day to avoid rerouting by Time-Triggered Actions.
    • Service Comments - briefly describe ILL service policies and procedures, including hours of service. For example, "ILL services available Monday-Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm Pacific Time except state holidays. Rush requests must be received by 3:30pm PT to be processed same day".
    • Click Save.

      Libraries are encouraged to review the remaining elements on the Services & Fees page and update as needed. In particular, adding ILL service comments, verifying your fees, verifying your copy and loan policies, and adding any Loan comments fields that would be helpful to other libraries. For example, in Loans Services and Fees, if you loan Journals, in the Journals comments field indicate whether you loan bound volumes and/or unbound issues.

      For information on recording fees, see the FAQ at:
  • DOCLINE Options (Institutions / Update / DOCLINE Options) Borrowing Preferences - review and update default settings for the new borrowing preferences:

    • Service Level - Normal, Rush, Urgent Patient Care. Default is Normal. Click on "Service Level" label for definition and Time-Triggered Actions rules.
    • Route Only to EFTS Participants - Yes or No. Default is No. Limits routing to libraries participating in the Electronic Fund Transfer System.
    • Network Alternate Delivery Method(s) - Check the box next to any alternate delivery method(s) that would be acceptable alternatives to your Network Delivery Method.
    • Comments - Remove or revise comments to lenders based upon new DOCLINE 2.7 functionality. For example, if you have been selecting delivery method of Mail and have "Prefer Email PDF" in your comments field, please remove the comment, select "Email PDF" as your preferred Delivery Method and select any desired Network Alternate Delivery method(s).

      For a description of how routing works see, the FAQ at:

      Review your library's Routing Table and update as needed. Delete libraries that may have closed or ceased DOCLINE participation since your last Routing Table update. The DOCLINE status (closed, inactive, non-DOCLINE library) is displayed next to the library name in your Routing Table.

      Library Groups that your library belongs to have been added to your Workspace. These can be added to your Routing Table. Follow your region's guidance on Routing Table maintenance or contact your RML directly for assistance and advice. If the Library Groups listed in your Workspace are incorrect, please contact your RML to update your membership in the appropriate library group. Due to the random selection of libraries during routing, NLM recommends placing a Library Group in a cell by itself, or only with individual libraries that should be treated equally by the routing algorithm.

      Save your changes as you work on your Routing Table. Once all changes have been made, click Request Approval to notify your RML that your Routing table is ready for review. The message "Routing Table awaiting approval" will display on your Home page. Once your RML has approved your changes, the message on your Home page is removed.

      Requests will only route to libraries that provide requested delivery method(s).

Please contact your RML or NLM with any questions via the Contact Us link.

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