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DOCLINE 3.1 - Action Items

Beginning with DOCLINE 3.1, libraries can indicate whether or not they support delivery by "Mail" for copy requests just as they do for the other Send by delivery methods. The ability to set "Mail" to "No" will allow lending libraries the flexibility to deliver via methods most cost effective and efficient for their organizations.

Borrowers should review their default Network Delivery Method and Network Alternate Delivery Method(s) for new requests which are recorded on the DOCLINE Options page of their institution record. Libraries should select their actual preferred delivery method rather than "Mail" and relying on the Comments field to indicate their preference for electronic delivery. Some lenders may cease offering mail delivery for copy requests so requests specifying only "Mail" delivery will skip these lenders.

Institution record update:

Libraries should carefully review their institution record and update the following areas as needed:

Borrowing preferences - The default values displayed on the Routing Instructions page during Borrow.

To make changes to your borrowing preferences, do the following:

  1. Go to Institutions.
  2. Select Update LIBID
  3. Select DOCLINE Options in the left naviagion bar.
  4. Review Borrowing Preferences
  5. Select your preferred Network Delivery Method.
  6. Select all acceptable Network Alternate Delivery Method(s).
  7. Click Save.

Supported Send by Delivery Methods - used by the routing algorithm.

  1. Go to Institutions.
  2. Select Update LIBID
  3. Select DOCLINE Options in the left naviagion bar.
  4. Scroll down to "Delivery Methods for Copy Services"
  5. Review Send by delivery methods.
  6. Select Yes for all delivery methods that your library supports.
  7. Click Save.

Requests for form type Original (or loans) will not check for delivery methods since delivery of a book or journal volume is assumed to be by mail.

The Regional Medical Libraries can provide assistance and guidance with DOCLINE. Please contact your RML or NLM with any questions via the Contact Us link.

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