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DOCLINE® 1.1 Release Notes (October 30, 2000)


  • Online HELP and FAQs now open in a new window
  • New format for reviewing "Retired Unfilled" messages.
  • NLM Overdue Notices: Borrowers who have overdue materials from NLM will receive notices on their DOCLINE Home Page and should click on the message to view the notice.


  • Display of institution name on Borrow Confirmation page
  • Max Cost and Comments are Bold text


  • In history, the delivery method displays
  • In history, a link to reason/action codes has been added


  • ILL fax number added to the "Display as: ILL Information" format
  • ILL is default display in Contact Names
  • City is displayed with LIBID on Library Lookup in Routing Table


  • M/A/N Map entries have been added to Report 1-7 Routing Table Statistics



  • Ability to add additional holdings record for holdings in a different physical format.

New SERHOLD Reports:

  • Holdings not Updated within One Year
  • Holdings outside of Publication Date Range
  • Level 2 Holdings
  • NLM Serial Title Changes

SERHOLD Union Lists:

  • Holdings by State/Province
  • Holdings by Library Group

SERHOLD Searching

  • "My Routing Table" and "Resource Libraries" have been added to search limits