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DOCLINE® 1.3 Release Notes (September 29, 2001)


  • Search Results Display: The "Institution list" display format was changed to indicate "library status" for closed, demonstration, inactive, and non-DOCLINE participant libraries.
  • Search Results Display: The "ILL Information" display format now includes delivery method information for each displayed institution.
  • Search: The Only If: limits were modified to split "Email (PDF)" and "Email (TIFF)" into separate searches. New delivery methods "Web (PDF)" and "Web (TIFF)" were also added to the search options.
  • Search: The Only If: search on email delivery was modified so that only libraries who indicate Send by email will be retrieved rather than either Receive or Send by email.
  • Modified the display of Delivery Methods page to accommodate new delivery methods of "Web (PDF)" and "Web (TIFF)."
  • Batch Update Authorization and Batch Update Date fields were added to allow users to indicate what method of Batch Update, if any, NLM will be authorized to perform.
    NOTE: SERHOLD Batch Update capabilities are not available with this release, but will be provided in later releases of DOCLINE.

Loansome Doc

  • "Internet" was removed as a delivery method from the Loansome Doc registration and the Loansome Doc Send Orders screen. The corresponding "Internet address" field was also removed.
  • New delivery methods "Web (PDF)" and "Web (TIFF)" were added to the drop-down list for Delivery Method under Delivery Information on the Loansome Doc Registration and Send Orders screens.

Borrow (Requests)

The following new features were added:
  • The ability to resubmit retired requests without reentering data. Resubmit is available from the link for retired unfilled messages on the DOCLINE HOME Page or from Status/Cancel.
  • ISSN and ISBN fields are now included in the Manual Borrow Citation Input screen.
  • "Web (PDF)" and "Web (TIFF)" as delivery methods for requests.
  • The ability for user to indicate if a Manual request is for a monograph or a journal.
  • The ability to select and deselect all cells on the Routing Instructions page.

The following changes were made:
  • All bibliographic fields were made "Display Only" when a request is generated via LocatorPlus. Users cannot alter the text of any bibliographic field.
  • LIBIDs entered on the M/A/N map will be validated to prevent sending a request to any institution that is closed, is not a DOCLINE participant, is temporarily inactive, or is a demonstration library. All LIBIDs are checked against a current table of valid LIBIDs.
  • ISSN was added to the Process PubMed Orders page.

Lend (Requests)

  • UFR (Unidentified format for Routing) was removed from rejection reasons.

Status/Cancel (Requests)

  • LIBIDs which display in the Status/Cancel Borrow search results page now link to the ILL Information display results page or to the complete DOCUSER record.

Receipt (Requests)

  • Requests will be immediately receipted when users select the "requests awaiting receipt" link from the DOCLINE Home Page or when they select Receipt from the DOCLINE menu. A message indicating how many requests were receipted is displayed and users must click "OK" to print.
  • The button frame no longer prints on a separate page when using Internet Explorer 5.5.
  • A "Print/Download Receipt" window was created to resolve difficulties with printing requests from Netscape and saving ACSII text files in Internet Explorer.


  • Library Status information was added to the SERHOLD screens to indicate which libraries are inactive, closed, or for demonstration only.
    NOTE: The Region Code was removed from the SERHOLD Record display screen to make room for the library status information.
  • A link to the DOCUSER record was added from the SERHOLD Record Display screen.
  • The OCLC ID was added to the "Select Report Fields" option list for Individual Holdings by Library report.
  • The Title Abbreviation was added to the "Select Report Fields" option list for Individual Holdings by Library report.


  • Help screens were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 1.3.


  • Accommodations were made to many parts of the system to comply with the Priority 1 Section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998.