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DOCLINE® 1.4 Release Notes (September 10, 2002)

Loansome Doc®

For the Loansome Doc User:
  • Change Ordering Library: Added "contact Library for service" message to instructions.
  • Order Documents: Enhanced message to users when they are no longer authorized for ordering library.
  • Order Documents: Added author field to "Loansome Doc order sent" page.
  • Status of Orders: Added the reason the request was "Not Filled" to the LD patron's Status page. For example, Not Filled (Cost).
For Loansome Doc Libraries:
  • LD Patron Admin: Added delivery method, comments, and transfer authorization information to LD patron display for ordering library.
  • Messages: Added notification to Home Page message area when a new LD patron registers.


  • Address: Added fields for "Library Home Page" and "Institution Home Page" URLs.
  • Address: Added phone number field for institution. Institution phone number should be the main contact number for the library.
  • Codes: In order to maintain consistency with MARC 21 field labels, changed field label "National Union Catalog ID" to "MARC Organization Code".
  • Contacts: Added contact types for "Consumer Health", "Link Out", and "Other". Other can be used to add staff not associated with one of the other contact types.
  • Search: Added ability to search by the number of holdings.
  • Display: Added number of holdings to the "ILL Information" search result display.
  • Display: Added library group membership to the "ILL Information" search result display.
  • Display: Changed the "Contact Names" search results display to list all contact types instead of just the ILL contact name.
  • Display: In all of the DOCUSER search result displays, added a link to the full DOCUSER record from the displayed LIBID.
  • Search: Removed "Old LIBID" as a search and sort order option.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Modified "Participates in Electronic Payment" field label to "Participates in EFTS" to clarify its meaning and added "Date Joined EFTS" to ILL Services page display. The EFTS fields cannot be edited by Network Libraries. Please use the Contact RML link on this page to notify your regional DOCLINE coordinator of any needed changes to the information.
  • Services: Added field for authorizing listing in MedlinePlus® Consumer Health Libraries page. Automatic listing in MedlinePlus based upon this value will be available in a future release of MedlinePlus. Interested libraries are encouraged to select this value prior to the MedlinePlus implementation.
  • Services: Removed the following redundant or outdated fields: "Has access to the World Wide Web"; "Has a Satellite Receiver Dish"; "Provides Internet Training"; and, "Prefers not to be listed in public directories".
  • Reports: Report 1-7: Routing Table Statistics. Modified report to suppress display of closed libraries.
  • Status/Cancel: Added time in hours and minutes to the History of Request page. Time is displayed in 24 hour format, Eastern Time.
  • Delivery Address: Added validation to ensure data is present in "Ship to Name", "Street", "City", and "State" fields to prevent blank a shipping address.

  • Display: On all SERHOLD screens, replaced "Frequency Code" with "Current Publication Frequency" field (310 in the MARC bibliographic record).

  • Help screens were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 1.4
  • Contact DOCLINE and Contact RML: Added ability for sender to copy message to their email address on all "Assistance and Comments" forms.
  • Contact DOCLINE and Contact RML: Separated Names field into "Last Name" and "First Name" on all "Assistance and Comments" forms.
  • Contact DOCLINE and Contact RML: Removed field "DOCLINE User ID" from all "Assistance and Comments" forms.
  • Password: Corrected problem where error was encountered when changing DOCLINE password.