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DOCLINE® 2.0 Release Notes (December 8, 2003)

Loansome Doc

For the Loansome Doc User

  • Find a Library: Added a search feature and new results display for patrons trying to find a library for Loansome Doc service
  • Order Documents: Added link to full-text article on Loansome Doc Order page when article being requested is available free from producer web site

For the Loansome Doc Library

  • Added ability to indicate whether library is willing to serve international libraries (as a LD patron)
  • Added ability to indicate whether library is willing to serve users in international countries, and to specify which countries


Institution Record (DOCUSER)

  • Modified interface to improve updating of records, navigation, and display
  • Reorganized data elements to reduce segmentation, provide a more organized grouping of data, and allow users to see similar data together
  • Address: Added fields for a separate billing address. Address populated from document delivery address.
  • Address: Added second street/address field to accommodate long addresses
  • Address: Added phone number field for document delivery
  • Address: Added validation to ensure necessary address and phone number information is present
  • People: Added ability to list multiple roles for a single person to eliminate need for redundant data entry
  • People: Added ability to add more than one person per role (e.g., ILL)
  • Membership: Added field for Federal Employer Identification Number for billing purposes
  • Services & Fees: Overhauled charges section to better accommodate fees charged by individual libraries for copy and loan service. Institutions will identify a base fee and surcharges (e.g., rush service, color, etc.).
  • Services & Fees: Added ability to indicate library can provide color copies
  • Services & Fees: Added ability to indicate whether library serves international libraries for copy requests and requests for loans, and to specify which countries
  • DOCLINE Options: Improved interface for maintaining Routing Table and M/A/N Map
  • DOCLINE Options: Created a separate setting to control routing of requests to NLM
  • Printing: Added ability to print entire institution record

Institution Search and Display

  • Modified interface to provide quick access to most common searches (LIBID, Institution name, and Contact name)
  • Improved interface for complex searching
  • Improved interface for displaying and navigating search results
  • Added default search filters to limit retrieval to open DOCLINE libraries
  • Added ability to search by electronic delivery address
  • Added ability to search by base fee for copy service
  • Added new search filters of My State, My Region, My Routing Table, and Provides Color Copies
  • Modified display of search results to provide a more readable and organized view of the data
  • Added ability to add institutions to Routing Table or M/A/N Map 'workspace' from search results


Serial Holdings (SERHOLD)

  • Display: Modified navigation and display to provide consistency with other modules


  • Added a web based help system with Table of Contents, Index, Search, and Glossary
  • Help screens were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 2.0