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DOCLINE® 2.5 Release Notes (June 5, 2005)

Loansome Doc

For the Loansome Doc User
  • Improved display and navigation of registration, ordering, and account maintenance
  • New email confirmation to users registering for Loansome Doc
  • New password reset feature for users who forget their password
  • Changed login ID to patron’s email address
  • Provided ability for patron to save their password (browser password save functionality must be enabled)
  • Display library holdings information during order process
  • Navigation back to citations de-selected during Loansome Doc order
  • A printer friendly receipt as confirmation of order
  • New warning message to user when ordering a potential duplicate citation (within last 40 days)
  • Patron can request the deletion of their user record. Record not deleted until reviewed by library and there are no current transactions for patron
  • Ability to sort their requests in Status
For the Loansome Doc Library
  • Display only library supported delivery methods to registered patrons during registration and ordering
  • New prompt for user to self-identify their patron category (Affiliated, Unaffiliated health professional, Public) during registration process
  • New max cost field for patron ordering to help libraries determine whether to transfer the unfilled request to DOCLINE
  • New form for patron to email their ordering library
  • New warning message to user if ordering library is temporarily inactive


Institution Record

  • New Loansome Doc page added to institution record to manage Loansome Doc options
  • Added separate delivery methods for Loansome Doc. Default values were copied from DOCLINE delivery methods
  • New ability for libraries to optionally prompt users for a library-defined data element (Identifier) during registration process


  • Loansome Doc Receipt: Modified receipt to display the patron’s identifier field, if present
  • Loansome Doc Receipt: Display note indicating patron was new and not yet reviewed when request was placed
  • Loansome Doc Receipt: Display fax number, if present, in body of message
  • LD Transfer: Modified display to include patron type and indication of authorization
  • LD Transfer: Added request number being processed to Routing Instructions page

Loansome Doc Patrons

  • Modified display of search results to provide a more readable and organized view of the data
  • Allow libraries to edit their patrons user records
  • Improved navigation of search results, including return to result set after editing of individual record
  • Ability to individually “review” newly registered Loansome Doc patrons
  • Ability to search LD patrons by email address and identifier field
  • Provided password reset feature for patrons who forgot their password. New password emailed to patron
  • Removal of Loansome Doc patron records inactive for more than 2 years

Serial Holdings

  • Added ability for library to download their serial holdings in MARC 21 format via Holdings by Library Report


  • Help screens and FAQs were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 2.5.