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DOCLINE® 2.7 Release Notes (March 29, 2006)

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Institution Record

  • Services & Fees: Added new field to indicate whether library supports urgent patient care requests service level defined as "process and ship immediately".
  • Services & Fees: Added new surcharge category for urgent patient care requests.
  • DOCLINE Options: Added Service Level (Normal, Rush, Urgent Patient Care), added routing limit for EFTS Participants, and added alternate delivery methods to Borrowing Preferences.
    • Note: The separate delivery method for NLM will still be available.
  • Routing Table: Added ability to add a Library Group to a Routing Table cell.
  • Searching: Urgent patient care requests search limit added. EFTS Participant moved from Library Groups to search filters. Resource Library removed from Library Groups – exists now only as a filter.
  • Display: Urgent patient care requests service added to search results. EFTS moved from Library Groups to ILL Services and Membership area.


  • Borrow: Added ability to indicate level of service desired (normal, rush, urgent patient care). Routing will be limited to those libraries indicating they can provide service level selected. All active DOCLINE libraries, by default, provide normal service.
  • Borrow: Added ability to indicate multiple delivery methods. Within each cell, requests will route first to libraries supporting preferred delivery method, then to libraries that deliver via one of the alternate delivery methods indicated by the borrower.
    • Note: The separate delivery method for NLM will still be available.
  • Borrow: Added ability to limit routing to EFTS participants. Limit applies to all routing instructions (routing table, refer to resource libraries, NLM, and Refer On).
  • Borrow: Electronic delivery addresses moved to Delivery Address page.
  • Loansome Doc Transfer: Added service level, limit routing to EFTS, and alternate delivery method.
  • Messages: Added new category of messages for color copy requests and requests with service level above normal.
  • Receipt: Display level of service when above normal.
  • Receipt: Display alternate delivery methods.
  • Receipt: Display "EFTS Participant" instead of "Epayment" when borrower is an EFTS library.
  • Receipt: Display "Bill via EFTS Only: [LIBID]" when borrower selected Route to EFTS Participants only.
  • Resubmit: Added service level, limit routing to EFTS, and alternate delivery methods.
  • Routing: Added ability to route by library group. During routing, 20 libraries holding the document and matching the routing instructions will be selected from the libraries and library groups in the cell.
  • Routing: Added library level of "Other" to end of Refer On algorithm after Resource Libraries and Primary Access Libraries.
  • Status/Cancel: Added time of last action to view of requests for lenders.
  • Time-Triggered Actions: Added new rules for rerouting "Rush" and "Urgent Patient Care" requests. Requests not receipted on the day the request routed will reroute the same night. Receipted requests not acted upon will reroute after 1 business day.

Loansome Doc Patron Admin

  • Display characters used and maximum characters allowed in patron's comments field.

Serial Holdings

  • Modified search and filters pages to improve searching and display.
  • Search: Combined View & Add/Update search interfaces into one search screen.
  • Search: Provided easy selection of popular search limits (My Routing Table, My Library Groups, etc.).
  • Search: Added ability to limit searches by ILL delivery methods.
  • Search: Added ability to limit searches by holdings format.
  • Search: Added ability to limit searches by ILL services offered (color copies, rush, urgent patient care, and EFTS participant).
  • Union List Products: Added ability to turn off the generation of Library Group Union List products. If your library group does not use these products, please contact your RML to request they be turned off to conserve system resources and space.


  • Help screens and FAQs were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE for this release.