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DOCLINE® 2.8 Release Notes (June 27, 2006)

To best utilize the following new features in DOCLINE 2.8, please review the list of suggested action items for libraries.


Institution Record

  • Display: Added a library’s OPAC URL to the Interlibrary Loan view in institution search results.

  • Loansome Doc: Added a new authorization code that libraries can optionally select. If selected, patrons would be prompted to enter the library’s authorization code during Loansome Doc registration. This would help ensure that patron has contacted library prior to registration, if desired by library. Libraries that had previously set "Contact Library Prior to Registration" to Yes will be configured to prompt for the authorization code. A library’s LIBID is the default authorization code.

  • Loansome Doc: Added validation on identification field to prevent libraries from prompting users for confidential information including VISA, Social Security number, credit card, etc. Libraries can prompt for university or organizational numbers. The DOCLINE database is not designed to accept, store, or transmit personal or confidential information about users.

  • Membership: Added the display of a library’s LinkOut Name Abbreviation. In a future release, this information will be used to display a library’s LinkOut holdings during Borrow.

  • Membership: Removed the "OCLC to SERHOLD" option from Serial Holdings Batch Update since OCLC no longer produces data used by NLM to import into DOCLINE. Any library that had selected "Update Holdings from OCLC" has been set to "No Authorization" to export or import holdings data. Note: Libraries which have authorized "Send holdings to OCLC" are not impacted by this change.

Loansome Doc Patron Admin

Loansome Doc®

  • Registration: Added a new default filter in the Find a Loansome Doc library search to limit to libraries that serve the public.

  • Registration: If a library requires the authorization code, the "Select" button on the search results page will display as "Contact".

  • Registration: Patrons will be prompted to enter a valid authorization code to successfully register with libraries that chose to require this new field.

  • Ordering: The duplicate order warning message was changed to red font to increase the visibility of the message.

  • Ordering: Added a message to the Place Order page if no citations pending order. The message instructs users how to begin the order process.


  • Help screens were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 2.8.

Trouble seeing the screenshots? If the screenshots appear fuzzy to you, your browser may be configured to automatically resize the image to fit your browser window. If you have a large monitor, you can maximize the window to see the image full size. Firefox users should see their cursor turn into a zoom tool which they can click on the image to allow them to see the image full size. Internet Explorer users should place their cursor in the bottom right hand corner of the DOCLINE image. A square orange button should appear - click on the button to see the image full size.