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DOCLINE® Version 3.2 Release Notes (August 22, 2007)



  • Borrow: Activate borrower's LinkOut icons at login to eliminate need for libraries to access PubMed using their holdings string prior to logging in to DOCLINE.

    A user logging in as more than one library on the same day will see each library's LinkOut icons in PubMed until the LinkOut cookie expires after 8 hours of inactivity. For more information on activating LinkOut icons, see:


    Important: Individual users should only login to DOCLINE in one browser session at a time. Users will experience data problems in the request module if logged into DOCLINE in multiple concurrent sessions on the same PC.


  • Security upgrades were made to Loansome Doc and DOCLINE.
  • Technical changes were made to accommodate recent changes in PubMed.


  • Help screens were added or modified for new features and changes to DOCLINE 3.2.