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DOCLINE® Version 3.4 Release Notes (July 24, 2008)





  • DOCLINE Options: Added ability for lenders to receive email notification of new Loansome Doc requests routed to them.  Allows libraries to more easily monitor incoming Loansome Doc requests.


  • Borrow and Receipt: Add new ElocationID data to citation field.  This new field accommodates DOI and PII (publisher item identifier) data now being supplied by publishers in PubMed citations instead of pagination for specific titles
  • Email notification: Modified wording of email notification message to libraries to inform them of possible reasons why request may not be pending receipt after receiving email.  The most common reason is borrower cancellation of the request.


Loansome Doc

For the Loansome Doc Patron

For the Loansome Doc Library

  • Added optional email notification when a new Loansome Doc request routes to the library


  • Security upgrades were made to Loansome Doc and DOCLINE
  • Technical changes were made to accommodate recent changes in PubMed


  • Help screens were added or modified for all new features or changes to DOCLINE 3.4

Trouble seeing the screenshots? If the screenshots appear fuzzy to you, your browser may be configured to automatically resize the image to fit your browser window. If you have a large monitor, you can maximize the window to see the image full size. Firefox users should see their cursor turn into a zoom tool which they can click on the image to allow them to see the image full size. Internet Explorer users should place their cursor in the bottom right hand corner of the DOCLINE image. A square orange button should appear - click on the button to see the image full size.