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DOCLINE® Version 4.0 Release Notes (June 23, 2009)



  • Added support for Internet Explorer 8

Serial Holdings

  • Modified interface to improve updating of records, navigation, and display

  • Modified search to "left-anchored" to simplify title searching. Users no longer need to select "Exact Match" or “Truncated”. For example, “pain” will retrieve any titles beginning with ‘pain’, including “pain”, “pain and analgesia”, “pain and headache”, “pain clinic”, etc.

  • Removed limits on number of bibliographic titles and library holdings returned in search results

  • Added search filter on acquisition status allowing users to search for journals "currently received" or "not currently received"

  • Improved display of holdings to show matching library’s holdings in a more readable format

    • Added new "Show All My Holdings" feature that will display all of your own library’s serial holdings

    • Users can navigate the list of titles, editing individual records as needed

    • Users can optionally enter title information to start the holdings list at a particular title. For example, libraries that are systematically reviewing holdings can start week 2 of editing of titles beginning with "Journal of"

    • Users can use the Format or Acquisitions filters with Show All My Holdings to limit retrieval, for example, listing all electronic journal holdings

  • Modified the holdings edit screens to simplify data entry

    • The three most commonly used holdings formats of Text (tu), Electronic Journal (cr), and Microform (hu) are available for quick selection. Less commonly entered formats can be selected from the “Other” pull-down list

    • Gaps in holdings can be easily recorded by clicking Add New Range

Trouble seeing the screenshots? If the screenshots appear fuzzy to you, your browser may be configured to automatically resize the image to fit your browser window. If you have a large monitor, you can maximize the window to see the image full size. Firefox users should see their cursor turn into a zoom tool which they can click on the image to allow them to see the image full size. Internet Explorer users should place their cursor in the bottom right hand corner of the DOCLINE image. A square orange button should appear - click on the button to see the image full size.