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DOCLINE® Version 4.9 Release Notes (September 25, 2012)




  • Borrow: Added support of versioned citations in PubMed to allow them to be ordered. When ordering a versioned citation, DOCLINE will always retrieve the most current citation data from PubMed to include in the request.
  • Borrow: Added validation on the copyright compliance field to alert borrowers if articles being ordered are older than 5 years and "guidelines" is selected. Libraries will have the opportunity to change their copyright compliance choice to "law" on requests for materials outside the CONTU guidelines. For more information about the copyright compliance options, see our FAQ - How should I indicate copyright compliance in DOCLINE?
  • Borrow: If borrower enters an ISSN or ISBN on the Manual order form, DOCLINE will attempt to match against NLM's catalog. If a match is found, the title entered by the user is replaced by the title from NLM's catalog and the NLM UI is added to the transaction for internal DOCLINE processing. The "Verify" field will display "Manual - ISSN/ISBN Match". Note: libraries should still order via Borrow/LocatorPlus or Borrow/UniqueKey whenever a NLM UI, ISSN or ISBN is known so DOCLINE can populate all of the bibliographic elements for the request.
  • Borrow: Added link to help on the "Service Level" and "Copyright Compliance" labels on the Routing Instructions page.
  • Borrow: Modified free alert message to reflect PubMedCentral's new name, "PMC".
  • Receipts: Removed code previously used by 3rd party vendors to map Loansome Doc patrons in their systems. This code is no longer needed.

Serial Holdings

  • Reports: Created annual National Print Retention Titles report which will be run each October 1st in support of the MedPrint program. MedPrint is a national collaboration between the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and the National Library of Medicine to ensure the preservation of, and continued access to the literature.


  • Added support of Internet Explorer 9.
  • Added support of Firefox 14.
  • Disabled the ability for browsers to save the DOCLINE login password to increase security of the login.
  • Contact Us forms modified to reflect NLM main web site design instead of DOCLINE color scheme.
  • Online Help: updated online help manual and FAQs for new or modified features.