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DOCLINE® Version 5.0 Release Notes



Institution Record

  • Activity Summary: Added new feature which displays the library’s summary ILL activity in both borrow and lend for the previous calendar month. Report data will be refreshed monthly. Libraries can print out or copy & paste data into spreadsheet for future reference.
  • DOCLINE Options: Added option for libraries to determine the default Ship To address for Loansome Doc Transfer requests, either patron or library. The DOCLINE system default is Ship To Patron.
  • Out of Office: Updated guidelines for submitting an Out of Office request. Libraries can submit requests the day before a closure, although advance notice of temporary closure is still preferable. As always, RML review of Out of Office requests allows the DOCLINE coordinators to see which libraries and/or areas in their region are being impacted by a weather event and the possible impact on the overall DOCLINE network. The review process also alerts the RML to staff transitions or issues at a particular library that prevents them from lending for a time.
  • View: Added a lender’s fill rate and average days to fill a request to the ILL view in institution search results.


  • Reports: Added message prior to report display indicating that system is working on retrieving reports. Users should use the DOCLINE menu to navigate back to Reports list.
  • Routing: Added check of embargo period in routing requests with a PMID and where title has an e-ISSN. Routing will check LinkOut article availability if lender reports title in LinkOut. Otherwise, routing checks e-publication month in citation against lender entered embargo period.
  • Routing: Removed Resource Libraries and “group of four” from libraries to check during routing to “All Other Libraries”.   The routing algorithm will first attempt to route to Primary Access Libraries, then Other Libraries. There continues to be an option for routing to Resource Libraries. For more information on routing, see our FAQ: How does routing work

Serial Holdings

  • Edit: Added Embargo Period field to serial holdings record for libraries to record ILL embargoes on electronic journals of up to 99 months.
  • Edit: Added indication that library reports title in LinkOut with Yes/No options to indicate whether DOCLINE should check LinkOut for availability during routing (Yes), or allows library to manually enter ILL embargo period in DOCLINE holdings (No).
  • Reports: Added embargo period as option to include on the Holdings by Library report.
  • Search: Added search filters for new embargo fields limiting search results to electronic journals with embargo period entered by library in the Embargo Period field; or to electronic journals that the library reports in LinkOut; or those journals with no embargo period (either 0 or field is blank). When searching for electronic journals with no embargo, you should also select format of electronic journal.
  • View: Added ILL embargo information to the serials holdings record view for electronic holdings. DOCLINE will display either the months embargoed, indication that routing will check LinkOut for article availability or display “None” when no embargo information is provided or when library has entered zero (0) months.


  • Added support of Internet Explorer 11.
  • Online Help: updated online help manual and FAQs for new or modified features.