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DOCLINE 6.0 - November Release Notes

DOCLINE 6.0 is a completely new, streamlined system. The selection process for features included in the initial version was based on DOCLINE usage data. DOCLINE 6.0 is flexible and has the capacity to incorporate anticipated changes in cataloging practices, linked data, and resource sharing.

The original DOCLINE was launched in the mid-1980s to serve paper-based library processes. Some functionality and data that existed in the original system may not be included in the new redesigned system, particularly if not widely used.

Library and Holdings Information in DOCLINE 6.0 was extracted from legacy DOCLINE on October 3, 2018. Any changes made in the existing DOCLINE after that date are not included in DOCLINE 6.0.

  1. Home Page
    1. NEW! Switch Library link 
      1. Enables users responsible for multiple libraries to toggle between libraries without logging out and back in again.
    2. Activity & Status "Cards" will become active in Phase 2 - Requesting
      1. My Lending - notification about quantity and status of Lend Requests from other libraries, separated by service level (Normal, Rush, Urgent Patient Care)
      2. My Borrowing - notification about quantity and status of your Borrow Requests sent to other libraries to be filled, separated by service level (Normal, Rush, Urgent Patient Care)
  2. Borrow Menu (was Requests>Borrow)
  3. Lend Menu (was Requests>Lend)
  4. Library Profile (was Institution Record)
      1. NEW: email address and phone fields added to Billing Address (copied from Delivery Address)
      1. Lend Alert Emails - 
        1. NEW: Lending Notification email set to 'YES' for Rush and Urgent Patient Care Requests for all libraries.
        2. NEW: Lend Alert emails automatically sent to Delivery Email Address and also to all Contacts listed in the Library Profile that have been assigned "ILL" role
      2. NEW: Lend Delivery Methods 
        -All libraries must offer Email PDF delivery

        -Article Exchange now available as delivery choice

        -TIFF delivery methods no longer included

    3. LEND INFORMATION>Request Charges
      1. Lending Surcharges no longer included
        1. Libraries may include surcharge information in Comment fields if they wish, under Lending>Request Charges or Lending>Loaning Policies.
      2. Services & Fees - Reset to 'NO' if accompanying information missing (e.g. Loan Renewal set to ' No' in DOCLINE 6.0, if 'Yes' in legacy DOCLINE with renewal period = 0)
    4. LEND INFORMATION>International Offerings
      1. CHANGED: All International Service offerings (Copy, Loans) set to 'NO' - even if set to 'YES' in legacy DOCLINE 
    5. SCHEDULE>Out of Office (temporarily suspend lending services)
      1. Out of Office time span was reduced from six (6) months to three (3) months. Existing Out of Office time spans longer than 90 days were segmented into two time spans.
    6. JOURNAL Holdings>Holdings Summary
      1. Displays count of Holdings Records by format, including embargoes
    7. CONTACTS:
      - Contacts without email address or phone number (in existing DOCLINE) were updated during import to DOCLINE 6.0 to include the email address and phone number from library's "Delivery Address"
      - CHANGED: Number of Contacts "Roles" reduced from nine to five. Remaining roles assigned to all imported contact record: ILL, Billing, Loansome Doc, Serial Holdings, Other Role(s)
    8. LIBIDs
      1. New libraries from the United Kingdom and Sweden will be assigned LIBIDs beginning with GB and SE respectively, UK and SW will no longer be used 

5. Journals (was Serial Holdings)

  1. "My Journals" menu displays Journal Title search results limited to "My Library's Collection". Quantity reported is number of distinct journal titles owned, not journal holdings records.
  2. For "Permanently Retained" holdings, no "Encoding Level 2" holdings records were imported. Only records which include volumes and/or years owned were imported into the new DOCLINE.
  3. Cross-years in existing holdings records replaced with leftmost year (e.g. 1879/1880 start year replaced with 1879 start year), new system will not support cross-year entries
  4. No LinkOut Embargos. "Batch Upload of Holdings" planned, embargo information included. No LinkOut connection supported in this release.