Completing the Routing Instructions Page

The routing algorithm uses the information provided on the Routing Instructions page to determine where requests will route.  Most of the values displayed are taken from the defaults set in your library's institution record.  Routing Instructions can be modified on a request by request basis.



Options / Description

Request Information

Authorized By

Lists staff information indicating who authorized the placing of the request.

Reason for Ordering

Indicates the reason the borrower needs to request the item.  Provides statistical data about the ILL needs of participating libraries.  Optional, but recommended.

Maximum cost

Indicates the maximum amount the borrower is willing to pay for the ILL request.  Cost is not used in determining routing.

Patron Name

Lists the patron name for reference upon delivery of item. Most lenders include a copy of the request with the delivered material. Optional.

Need No Later Than

Expiration date for request.  Date is checked at every reroute.  If request is at received status when date passes, the lender can still fill the request.  If the lender rejects the request, DOCLINE will then retire the request as Expired. Optional.

Copyright compliance

Guidelines - indicates that the borrower's ILL request complies with U.S copyright law under Section 108, including items borrowed within the CONTU Guidelines “Suggestion of Five”.

Law - indicates that the borrower's ILL request complies with copyright law by being a “Fair Use” under Section 107 of the U.S. law or your country’s equivalent of “Fair Use”, paying royalties to copyright holder directly or through an agent such as Copyright Clearance Center (CCC); or requested item is not covered by copyright.


For more information, see the FAQ DOCLINE Copyright Compliance Options.


Important: NLM cannot advise libraries on copyright law.  Please refer to your institution's legal counsel, the United States Copyright Office or your country's copyright law.

Delivery and Routing

Service Type


Copy - request for reproduction of specific article, chapter

Color Copy - request for reproduction copy in color.  Request will only route to libraries reporting they can provide copies in color

Original - loan of journal volume, monograph, or A/V

Fill from Physical Format

Indicates borrower’s choice for physical format of the journal from which to fill request.  Default is “Any” physical format.

Service Level

Normal - request will be processed as part of lender's normal ILL processes.

Rush - lender should process request the same day

Urgent Patient Care - lender should process and ship request immediately. Lenders should check for new requests at least every 2 hours.

See Time-triggered Actions for rules on when requests will reroute for each service level.

NLM Delivery Method

Indicates delivery method to be used by NLM (MDUNLM, MDULMF, and MDUHMD) for copy requests.  See FAQ for NLM's preferred delivery method.

Primary Network Delivery Method

Indicates borrower's preferred delivery method of a copy request from DOCLINE libraries (not NLM).

Alternate Network Delivery Methods

Indicates borrower's acceptable alternate delivery methods for a copy request from DOCLINE libraries (not NLM).  Optional.

Only Route to EFTS Participants

If checked, request will only route to institutions that are members of the Electronic Fund Transfer System. Optional.

Route to LIBID (Prefix)

If a valid LIBID is entered, request will route first to this library if the library meets other routing instructions.  Holdings are not considered. Optional. Limit of one (1) LIBID.

Routing Cells

Indicates which of the borrower's Routing Table cells will be used during the routing of a request.  Checking of individual cells is optional.

Resource Libraries

Determines whether the routing algorithm will attempt to route the request to Resource Libraries meeting the routing instructions. Optional.


Determines whether the routing algorithm will route the request to NLM (MDUNLM, MDULMF, and MDUHMD) during routing. Optional.

All other libraries

Determines whether the routing algorithm will attempt to route the request to Primary Access Libraries, and Other libraries. Optional.

Routing Exceptions

Do Not Route to LIBIDs

Used to prevent requests from routing to individual libraries in Library Groups in Routing Table, Resource Libraries, or “All Other Libraries”; or to temporarily prevent requests from routing to lenders listed individually in serial routing cells.  Optional. Limit of twenty (20) LIBIDs.



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