Do Not Route to: preventing requests from routing to particular lenders



The Do Not Route To list may be used to prevent requests from routing to individual libraries in Library Groups in a Routing Table, Resource Libraries, or “All Other Libraries”; or to temporarily prevent requests from routing to lenders listed individually in Routing Table cells.  


Borrowers can prevent their requests from routing to a specific member of a Library Group in their Routing Table by adding the LIBID to the Do Not Route To list. This can be done for an individual request during the Borrow process, or with a default list of Do Not Route To LIBIDs in the Borrowing Preferences, Serial Routing section of the Institution record.  


Note:  Users wanting to permanently prevent requests from routing to libraries listed individually in their Routing Instructions should remove the LIBIDs from their Routing Table or M/A/N Map rather than using the Do Not Route To feature.



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