Report 1-8C & D: Ranked List of Serial Titles - Lender

The “Ranked List of Serial Titles – Lender” report provides counts of the titles that borrowers have requested from the library during the report period. Requests that were requests removed by Time-Triggered Actions for non-receipt are not included.


Report Frequency: Two cumulative reports posted annually. The 1-8C annual cumulative report covers July through June.  The second annual cumulative report, 1-8D, covers the calendar year, January through December.


Statistics Reported:

This report counts only requests for material from serials that are in LocatorPlus and have an NLM Unique Identifier. Cancelled requests and non-receipted requests are not included.


Total Requested: The number of requests per title requested from the lender during the report period.   


Total Filled:. The number of requests that were filled during the report year.  Excludes filled requests which were initiated in the prior year.


Pub Year /(# Filled per Year):  The number of requests filled broken down by publication year.  The number in parentheses indicates the number of requests filled from that year of publication.  If the value is (0), then at least one request was made for the publication year, but no requests were filled.


Report Availability:Users have access to the two (2) most recent annual reports. When a new report is generated it will replace the oldest of the listed reports.



Additional Resources:

Viewing and printing reports

Downloading reports