Embargoes Overview

Libraries that report electronic format holdings can utilize ILL embargoes to prevent requests for embargoed content from routing to them.


An embargo period between 0 and 99 months can be manually input in each holdings record. 


For LinkOut libraries, DOCLINE uses LinkOut data to determine article availability during routing of a request to a lender.  The holding library must participate in LinkOut via Submission Utility or LinkOut Local, and register their DOCLINE LIBID in their LinkOut account so data can be shared between DOCLINE and LinkOut.


DOCLINE defaults to using LinkOut embargoes if the LinkOut Name abbreviation is present in the library’s DOCLINE Institution record.  Libraries can choose to manually enter embargo periods for individual serial titles rather than use the LinkOut embargoes if the LinkOut embargo period is different than the publisher specified ILL embargo period. 


Libraries can choose to use DOCLINE embargo information instead of LinkOut for all titles by modifying the “Use LinkOut Embargoes” setting in their Institution record. This is a global setting for all DOCLINE holdings for titles the library reports in LinkOut.  If set to Yes, then DOCLINE will check LinkOut for availability of the article during routing.  If set to No, then routing will use the embargo information (if present) in the title’s DOCLINE holdings record.


The LinkOut holdings data (revised, new, or dropped titles) used to determine, display, and route on embargoes is refreshed on the first weekend of each month.



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