Adding institutions to your M/A/N Map from search




On the Search Results page, select the institutions to be added to your Routing Table by clicking in the check box next to the institution name.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Actions for Selected Institutions area.


Press Add to M/A/N Map.


A confirmation page displays indicating the institutions about to be added to the Routing Table Workspace and any which could not be added and why.  For example, non-DOCLINE libraries cannot be added to a Routing Table.  


The Workspace is a holding area from which libraries can manage their Routing Table.


Click Add and Proceed to M/A/N Map to add the listed institutions to your Workspace and proceed to your M/A/N Map for updating.


Click Add and Return to Results to add the listed institutions to your Workspace and return to your search results.  You can continue searching and adding more institutions to the Workspace.  You can edit your M/A/N Map at any time by selecting Institutions, then Update <LIBID> from the DOCLINE navigation bar.  The Workspace is retained even if you log out of DOCLINE.


Click Cancel to abandon adding institutions to your Routing Table.




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