National Print Retention Titles by Library Report

This report lists the print holdings for titles that the library has committed to retain for the National Print Retention Program, MedPrint.


To generate a National Print Retention Titles by Library report, do the following:





Select Serial Holdings from the DOCLINE main menu.


Select Reports.


Note:  If you do not have rights to create reports within Serial Holdings.  Contact your Regional Medical Library for access to reports.


Click the National Print Retention Titles hyperlink in the left sidebar.


Select the desired Report Format Type.


HTML is the default format which displays the report within DOCLINE for viewing and printing.

CSV generates the report in comma delimited file format which can be used for importing into applications like Excel or Access. The Field Delimiter is a comma (,) and the Text Delimiter is double quotes (“).   The first row of the file consists of field names.  


Select Report Fields:  The default data elements are: Completeness, Holdings, NLM Unique ID, Publication Date and Title.  Select additional data elements as desired by clicking on the checkbox in front of the report fields.


This report will be sorted by title.





  1. Once the user clicks Create Report, the report is placed into a queue. Reports are generated every hour and are run in the order they are submitted.

  2. The data in these reports is current as of the time that they are run.

  3. When the report is ready, the user will see a Serial Holdings Report Ready message in the DOCLINE home page message area. Once the report has been viewed, the message is removed from the DOCLINE message area.

  4. Each report will be deleted from the DOCLINE system one week after creation even if the report has not been viewed.

  5. Reports are accessible only to the user that submits them.

  6. If a second report of the same type (e.g., Holdings by Library) for the same library is requested by the same user, the first report will be replaced by the second report.

  7. For delimited format, report fields with more than 255 characters will be truncated to 255 characters. If, for instance, the title is 260 characters, only the first 255 will be included in the report.


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