Holdings Outside of Publication Date Report Overview

This report lists holdings that fall outside of the publication date range listed in the bibliographic record that is located in LocatorPlus. In MARC, the beginning date is the 008 at the 7th through 10th positions and the ending date is the 008 at the 11th through 14th positions (Note: In MARC, the positions for the 008 start at 0). For example, if the bibliographic record said that the serial was published from 1980 to 1995 and the library reported holdings for 1963 to 1990, that holding would appear on this report.


A user can produce this report for any library for which he/she has rights to run the report  a library group to which he/she belongs, or for his/her own state or province.  Rights to run serial holdings reports are managed by the Regional Medical Libraries.  For Serial Holdings Coordinators who have rights to more than one state/province, multiple states or provinces will display. Multiple libraries, Library Groups, and/or State/Provinces cannot be selected. Regional DOCLINE Coordinators can produce this report for their region.


The report is sorted by LIBID and then by Title. The fields displayed are: Library Name, City, State/Province, LIBID, Title, NLM Unique ID, Publisher, Place of Publication, Publication Date, Frequency, Continuation Notes, Holdings, Retention Policy, and Acquisition Status. Any fields that have no data will not display.


Procedure for submitting a Holdings Outside of Publication Date:





Select the Serial Holdings option on the DOCLINE menu.


Select Reports.


 Note: If you do not have rights to create reports within Serial Holdings, you will not have the Serial Holdings Reports menu option.


Click on the Holdings Outside of Publication Date hyperlink in the left sidebar.


Select the appropriate Search Type to generate report for your LIBID, Library Group, or State/Province.



If selecting LIBID, proceed to step 6.  


If selecting Library Group or State/Province, select the desired library group or your library’s state/province.


Click Create Report.


When the user clicks Create Report, the following happens:


  1. The report is placed into a queue. Reports are generated every hour and are run in the order they are submitted.
  2. When the report is ready, the user will see a Serial Holdings Report Ready message in the DOCLINE message area. Once the report has been viewed, the message is removed from the DOCLINE message area.
  3. Each report will be deleted from the DOCLINE system one week after creation even if the report has not been viewed.
  4. These reports will be current as of the time that they are run.
  5. Reports are accessible ONLY to the user that submits them (e.g., if I create a report when I am logged in with USERID XXX61, I must log in as USERID XXX61 in order to retrieve the report).
  6. If a second report of the same type (ex. Holdings Outside of Publication Date) for the same library is requested by the same user, the first report will be replaced by the second report.
  7. Report fields with more than 255 characters will be truncated to 255 characters. If, for instance, the title is 260 characters, only the first 255 will be included in the report.