Review Reports Overview

The Review Reports screen appears when the user clicks on the Review Reports button that is listed on the left side of the screen under the Create Reports button. This screen displays all pending and completed reports that have been submitted by the user as well as reports that are system generated (such as SERHOLD to OCLC error reports for libraries that participate in SERHOLD to OCLC and errors are identified) and union list products. To view the report, click on the Report Name hyperlink.






The Cancel button will display if the report is pending.

“Running” will display if the pending report is running.

The Delete button will display for completed individual reports or error reports.

“Generated Quarterly” will display for union lists and reports that are generated by DOCLINE quarterly.  Listed reports will be replaced by the latest reports quarterly.

Completion Date

Date the report was created.

Estimated Completion

The date and time the report is estimated to begin running for Pending Reports.  The actual completion time will depend on how many other reports have been requested at the same time.

Expiration Date

Date Report will be removed by the system.

Number of Records

Number of records in the report.

Report Name

The name of the report.

Time Requested

The date and time the report was requested by the user for Pending Reports.





Button Definition


Cancels the creation of the pending report.


Deletes the completed report.


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